Indeed, without his guidance, I would not be able to put the topic together. Thanks Thanks for Group of Gabriel Paul Dizon, for encouraging the proponent member to undertake the honours programme. The experience has been an interesting and rewarding one.

Of course, this project would not have been possible without the participation of the subjects. To the company of light a security agency thank you for your time and cooperation To Ms Arleen L Apuan For accepting us to make a project in your company to all your staff that give their time to answer all our question thank you guy.Last but not least, I would like to thank my parents for their unconditional support, both financially and emotionally throughout my degree. In particular, the patience and understanding shown by my mama, papa and brother’s during the honours year is greatly appreciated. I know, at times, my temper is particularly trying. ? Abstract Employee Contract Monitoring System is system that can help the light a security agency to manage their records more organize.

This system help to reduce the problem occur when using the manual system and this system is design for monitoring of contact and fast searching of employee record. List of Figures Figure 1. 0 Organizational Chart Figure 3. 0 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 0 of Manual System Figure 3. 1 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 1 of Manual System Figure 3. 2 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 2 of Manual System Figure 4.

0 Splash Figure 4. 1 Login Figure 4. 2 mainform Firgure 4. 3 user account Figure 4.

4 Guard Update Figure 4. 5 Employee Info Figure 4. 6 Mark Contract 4. 7 Guard Info 4. 8 Contract Info 4. 9 Contract 4.

10 Registration Figure 4. 12 Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Figure 4. 13 Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD Figure 4. 14 Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Figure 4. 5 Input Process Output Figure 4.

16 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 0 Proposed System Figure 4. 18 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 2 Proposed System Figure 4. 19 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 3 Proposed System Figure 4. 20 Data Dictionary? Figure 6.

0 Waterfall Model Figure 6. 1 Gantt Chart Source Code ? Chapter I 1. 1 Introduction Using of electronic device like Computer is the best way of recording and monitoring data. Many ways of recording process but people looking for innovative technology like using system in company to monitor their employee in a way of contract of the employee when the contact started and an ended.Using computerized system it’s very simple to check the record of the employee computerized process give much faster than manual process it’s consist a lot of time in searching a record in manual process or operation.

1. 1. 1 Background of the Project Now a day’s our world is move by the technology, new gadgets new machines new application that helps people in their everyday life. In term of software in our field of information technology we can make change. We can make change the manual operation to much better one.

That’s why the proponents decided to create a system that help Light a security agency in their operation so that their operation in became much easier In term of searching and retrieval of data, monitoring of their security guard contract To reduce lot of paper that they are using and to avoid multiple record 1. 1. 2 Locale of the study Light a security agency is located in Cabanatuan terminal and this company is manage by branch manager Mrs. Arleen L Apuan the Company is started Since 2008 and she handle 180 security guard in that time in terms of IT equipment and facilities they have a desktop Computer with a printer . 1. 3 Organizational Chart Figure 1.

0 Organizational Chart 1. 1. 4 IT Equipment and Facilities The Light A Security Agency with IT equipment. They are using logbook for storing data employee record and printer for printing detailed duty record 1. 2 Statement of the Problem 1. 2.

1 General Problem The proponent discover that the main problem of the company is contact monitoring because sometimes they forgot which employee is already finished the contract and to facilitate their employee searching record . 1. 2. 2Specific ProblemsSome problem that we discover in light a security agency is: •Difficult Searching and retrieval of data.

•Monitoring of Contract is done manually 1. 3 Objective of the Problem 1. 3. 1 General Objective To develop a system that will solve the Current main problem of the company and modify current system that will cause inaccuracy. 1.

3. 2 Specific Objectives •Fast searching and data retrieval of contract. •To monitor the ending of contract. ? 1. 4Scope and Limitation of the Project 1. 4.

1 Scope •The system is protected by username and password. The system have user type the admin and employee two types of user are not the same function in the system the employee is limited function in the system. •The admin only can access the delete, update and insert button. •The system monitors the number of days remaining in the contract. •The system easy searching employee record just typing the Employee ID or Employee name in search textbox. •The system will see the date of the contract start and end who finished the contract of the employee in the top of grid can easily checked the contract start and end.

1. 4. 2 Limitation The system is not automatically see the contract of the employee record who finished the contract •The system is not able to print any printing record •The system is not web-based Chapter II 2. 0Review of Related Literature and Studies Computerized Monitoring and Sales System of Love Printing Press The system has been developing for the use of the love printing press. It was designed to provide the user an easy monitoring system of all the transaction that the printing press will receive Sales Transaction Monitoring System for Coca-Cola Bottler’s Inc. Cabanatuan CityThe system is anchored on the aim to develop a legitimate sale transaction monitoring system that will easily detect miscalculation of goods, easily stores recover and update the former record and provide a security login interface that restrict unauthorized personnel as to save time and effort consumption of every transaction.

Monitor System Scotland Ltd. Monitor Systems Scotland Ltd was established in Aberdeen in 1997 to meet the needs of customers seeking complete solutions for acquiring and analyzing data and for monitoring and controlling process requirements in hazardous and non-hazardous industrial and offshore environments.Since inauguration, Monitor Systems has established itself as a leading provider of electrical / electronic instrumentation and monitoring solutions for small to multi-national organizations in a diverse range of industries. 2.

1 Operational Definition of Terms Authorizations – Is the function of specifying access rights to resources which is related to information security and computer security in general and to access control in particular Authentication – Is the act confirming and to access control in particular. Login – The process of authenticating which requires username and password combination.Admin – The user has the power to set privilege to other users of the system. Database – It is the repository of the data Chapter III 3. 0System Analysis 3.

1 System Overview Description The company is used for the application of the security guard , file cabinet for their record keeping and they Microsoft word for their weekly report printing of Detailed Duty Record (DDR). 3. 1. 1 Flowchart of Data Flow Diagram (DFD) of the Existing System Figure 3.

0 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 0 of Manual System Figure 3. 1 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 1 of Manual SystemFigure 3. 2 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 2 of Manual System 3. 1. 2 State of the Problem The problem of this existing system first their searching and retrieval of data second redundant of data because if guard has done of lapse his contract the secretary type the guard info contract info again in Microsoft Word three in term of their monitoring in some way they sometime forgot that a guard is already lapse his contract the secretary is not know because she is not able to check that Detailed of Duty Record (DDR) copy on the file cabinet every day 3. .

3 Proposed Solution The proponent decide to make a system that the user will alert if guard is contract is already lapse and for fast searching and retrieval of data and to reduce the user of paper and eliminate redundant of data. Our approach to the problems enumerated above is based on month of experience with the cycle of designing and building a verification system based on the latest advances in theory, experimenting with it on real problems, distilling insights and results into new theory and new designs and repeating the process.This process has convinced us that a programming environment based on a real programming language at its core is the way to tie verifications to running code. The latest success from this approach is our ability to verify the stack compression technique used in the Ensemble group communications system.

? Chapter IV 4. 0System Design Figure 4. 0 Splash Figure 4. 1 Login Figure 4. 2 Main Form Figure 4.

3 User Account Figure 4. 4 Guard Update Figure 4. 5 Employee Info Figure 4. 6 Mark Contract 4. 7 Guard Info 4. 8 Contract Info 4.

9 Contract 4. 10 Registration 4. 1. 1 Data DesignFigure 4. 11 Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Figure 4.

12 Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Figure 4. 13 Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD Figure 4. 14 Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) 4. 1.

2 System Architecture Figure 4. 15 Input Process Output ? 4. 2 Overview of the Proposed System Description The proponents develop a system to the agency to improve their system and knowledge about the computerized system. People in our generation like the innovative system to reduce their work and to fast searching their employee record.

4. 2. 1 Data Flow Diagram of the Proposed System Figure 4. 6 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 0 Proposed System Figure 4. 17 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 1 Proposed System ? Figure 4. 18 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 2 Proposed System ? Figure 4.

19 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 3 Proposed System 4. 2. 2 Data Dictionary Figure 4. 20 Data Dictionary? Chapter VI System Support and Security 6.

1 Maintenance Management The term “maintenance” means to keep the equipment in operational condition or repair it to its operational mode. Main objective of the maintenance is to have increased availability of production systems, with increased safety and optimized cost.Maintenance management involves managing the functions of maintenance. Since then, a significant of progress has been made to maintain equipment effectively in the field. Maintenance management has to face even more challenging situations to maintain effectively such Software and Hardware.

These are the maintenance strategies that are commonly applied in the plants. •Breakdown Maintenance or Operate to Failure or Unplanned Maintenance •Preventive or Scheduled Maintenance •Predictive or Condition Based Maintenance •Opportunity Maintenance •Design out Maintenance . 2 Future Challenges and Opportunities The proposed system might have challenges in the mere future in the sense of maintaining not only its reliability but also its usability and features. As time goes on, different technology can be implemented with the system.

Compatibility issue is another factor that can be affected due to the emergence of different technologies. So if ever possible, the proponents must also implement such technologies to the system which may help to improve the processing and sub features for the benefits of the client company. 6. Methodology of the Study In the source of the development of the system, in this chapter a brief discussion of the methods of research used in the system development and the procedures adopted in gathering data to test and support the viability of the project. This are identified as the Descriptive Method Research and Library Method Research. The methods used in developing the software reveal the system life cycle and the used by the proponents.

6. 3. 1 Internet Research Method – the proponents searched information and gathered data by means of internet. . 3. 2 Library Research Method – the proponents gathered information and data to the used of library which help the developed system 6.

3. 3 Data Gathering Techniques Interview – a series of interviews were also conducted. The proponents interviewed Parking Personnel of N. E Pacific Mall and were able to gather information regarding the present system that they are using in the parking system.

Creative Research – this technique was used in developing a design for the proposal through observations, interviews and information gathering.Through personal interview, the proponents were able to derive a plan for the propose system. 6. 3. 4 Methods in Developing the System The Water fall method is a sequential process, often used in software development processes, in which progress is seen as the following steadily downwards through the phases of Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, and Maintenance.

Figure 6. 0 Waterfall Model Requirements and Analysis – In this cycle, the proponents investigated the existing system first to know each flow and the errors that were being encountered by the client.System and Software Design – After the investigation of the existing system from the first cycle, the proponents proceed with the development of the proposed system. Coding – To complete the system functionality, the proponents proceeded to coding for each component in the system.

The proponents use MySQL as the database and back end of the program in Visual Basic. Net Programming Language as the front end: VB. Net is deemed as the Rapid Application tool largely easing the coding during the development stage. Testing – Before the system can be used, it must be tested.The system underwent testing to make sure that its functions are free from errors.

Maintenance – In this stage, the proponents paid attention to how effectively and quickly user problems can be solved. Maintenance reapplies all other activities as new requirements are defined in the order to adapt the software to the changes occurring manual on its environment and to correct errors encountered and the software has been deployed. The user’s manual is prepared for the target users as a guide during actual preparation and use. 6. Requirements Specification 6.

3. 1 Hardware Requirement Most hardware is needed for more speed and accuracy. But it can still be functional even if there are other items present except for the most important. These are only recommended *LCD/CRT monitor – This is where outputs and inputs are seen.

*Keyboard – This is the primary tool for inputs. *Optical Mouse – A tool for enhancing the speed of inputs and some other process. *P4 2. 4 GHz – Needed for the process higher much better. *1024 MB RAM – Needed for faster process and performance . 3.

2 Software Requirement Visual Studio 2008 Express – this is where the software was created. This is also where maintenance is applied. Mysql Yog – this is the main storage of the system and in this software your data store Xampp - -source web server package that works on various platforms. OS - to run the software or application 6. 4 Gantt Chart Figure 6. 1 Gantt Chart Chapter VII 7.

0 Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations Summary of Findings The main concern of this study is implementation of the computerized system.The past system of light a security agency it brought out the problem of redundant of data losing of files Not accurate contract monitoring and time consuming searching of guard record The proponent conduct the study to solve the current problem of the existing system The proponent decide to make a employee monitoring system of light a security agency To make their transaction much easier in searching record monitoring of contract because sometimes they forgot the contract of the guard that is already lapse And in this system we used the latest version of visual basic 2010 and mysql yog Conclusion The proponents learn to find a problem in the company and us able to solve some problem That we can solve in term of terms of computerize way we able to talk other people and boost our confidence and fell more comfortable in conversation to other Recommendation This recommendation will only be made exceptionally and where the re-defense deem the project of such medium quality as to make it not very an useful that the candidate will be able to improve it to an acceptable standard for the project of any degree within the 2 weeks period allowed for resubmission.Where the proponents wish to make this recommendation for a project by Research, it is normal to hold an review all aspects of system. ? BIBLIOGRAPHY . `kevin, gash (1994-02). ‘Monitoring of goods’ http://www.

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