One of the nine circles of hell in The Inferno that I would like to change is the Eighth circle, which is known as Canto XVIII. But before I do, let me introduce and explain briefly on each bolgia. This circle is called Malebolge.The classes of sinners are grouped into ten separate pockets called bolgia. An arching bridge connects each bolgia.The first out of ten bolgia, houses the panderers and the seducers.

Horned devils serve as the guardians and lay out the punishments for the sinners. The second bolgia is where the flatters are held and punished. The sinners are to wallow in a floor excrement. The sinners lay upside down in a hole where only their feet stick out with flames engulfing them in the third bolgia know as the Simonists.In the fourth bolgia, the Soothsayers, is perhaps the strangest. Here, there are punished by having their bodies all twisted up in a demented way.

In the Fifth bolgia, the Grafters, a black devil slings the sinner into the burning tar and pokes at him with his pitchfork so that he/she stays under the tars surface. The sixth bolgia is the Hypocrites. The sinners all wear cloaks with hoods pulled low covering the eyes that are lined with lead (in 63-66).In addition, they must also walk at a steady pace.

The seventh bolgia are the thieves. Serpents chase people around who are naked and terrified. Their hands are also tied behind their backs by the serpents, which also coil around their bodies. The seventh bolgia is called the Exchange and Interchanged. The eighth is called the Deceivers. It is brightly marked due to flames that burn all around.

The ninth bolgia is called the Sowers of Scandal and Schism. The sinners are torn and ripped and walk around with their guts spilling from their abdominal cavity. Their bodies do heal, but then go through the pain again of being split open. Finally, in the tenth bolgia, The Alchemists and Falsifiers, they are plagued with different types of illnesses including leprosy. They all drag themselves on the ground because they are so weak they are unable to walk.If I were to change it, then I would take out at least three bolgias, making there only 7.

I would elaborate more on each and add in more gruesome details on how the devils tortured the sinners. Maybe they could I would also like to leave its position where it is. If I would of moved it, then it wouldnt make sense. That is how I would change Dantes work around for a bit.

My only purpose in changing it is so that it would be more elaborate and not have that crowded feeling going on with the 10 bolgias. But other than that, I think it is good the way it is.