History of PC Gilmore Fast-becoming one of today's leading computer distributors and systems integrators, PC Gilmore Computer Center, or PC Gilmore Corporation, boasts of the widest reliable brands of computer products and services of the highest quality at very low prices. In short, we are a virtual discount computer outlet store. Formed in 2001 under the original name West Avenue Computer Center, PC Gilmore started out as a computer-retailing business with a vision to deliver utmost customer satisfaction at competitive prices without compromising quality.

As such, this immediately impacted on its clientele base and soon thereafter, the Company expanded operations by offering systems integration solutions and internet telephony as well. It eventually branched out to Metro Manila suburbs to meet its ever-rising customer demand. Despite the rapid pace in the information technology industry, PC Gilmore has managed to keep abreast of the competition. To date, the Company has five (5) sales offices and service centers manned by dedicated and well-trained personnel to serve individuals, professionals, business offices, government entities, commercial establishments, schools and among others.

These are located at: •PLATINUM •VMALL •CUBAO •WEST AVE •SM NORTH •CALOOCAN •HARRISON •MOA And because of the Company's "overachievement" since its formation only in 2001, PC Gilmore is very optimistic that it would soon be able to expand further its branch network operations within and outside Metro Manila and possibly in selected areas of Luzon. This is in line with our utmost commitment to reach out to our far-flung customers old and new.