Off Mice and Men is a novel written by John Steinbeck that takes place in Soledad and Salinas California in the early 1900s. The novel begins by the main characters George Milton and Lennie Smalls who are migrant workers. The pair are traveling together to Taylor Ranch in Soledad, California to work as ranch hands. Lennie has a mental disability, and is dependent to George.

Upon arriving at the ranch, George and Lennie are introduced to Candy and the rest of the men on the ranch. As George and Lennie settle into life on the ranch, many conflicts come their way way. The boss's son, Curley is newly married and his wife has "the eye" and likes to flirt with the different men on the ranch. George encourages Lennie to stay away from her because she is s no good. Lennie gets in a fight with Curley because of his wife.

On a Sundy afternoon, Lennie accidently kills Curley's wife after she offers to let him touch her hair. Lennie snags onto her hair and after she screams and tries to get away from him, Lennie shakes her around and accidentally snaps her neck.After realizing he had done a bad thing, he runs away from the ranch to the Salinas River. George finds Lennie after finding Curley's wifes body in the barn. George shoots and kills Lennie for his own good. Curley's relationship with his wife and george with Lennie are similar in different in a variety of wayss.

Both of them end tragically because of their actions and there desire to be around other people. Curley and his wife have a very troublesome relationship. One example of their distant relationship is that they are never together and they are constantly looking for each other. One of the first indication of this the novel is when Curley's wife comes into the barn looking for her husband.

Later in the book, Curley is looking for her by quoting: "...Any of you guys seen my wife?" (53). In this particular quote, Curley is speaking the men in the bunkhouse when he comes in looking for his wife. Half of the time, Curley is looking for her and the other half, she is looking for him.

Neither of them show passionate emotion for each other. They also don't find happiness in their relationship. Curley is very possessive over his wife. Awhile in Crooks room, she exclaims: "Think I don't like to talk to somebody ever' once in awhile?Think I like to stick in that house alla time?" (77). Curley's wife is not happy with her marriage and is lonely.

George's relationship with Lennie on the other hand, is very different. George and Lennie are always together and supportive of each other. George and Lennie travel around the country  together, which is uncommon for working men during this time period. George explains tthis by explaining: "He's my… cousin.

I told his old lady I'd take care of him." (22) This quote proves that George is supportive of Lennie and always takes care of him. George is supportive of Lennie by making decisions for him that are in his bets interest. Lennie can't fully make decisions on his own because of his mental disability. One quote that supportives this is at the ending of the book: "You hadda, George.

I swear you hadda. Come on with me." (107) This is the moment after George kills Lennie. George kills him for his own good. George would rather kill Lennie himself instead of him being caught and lynched by Curley and his men.

George's relationship with Lennie and Curley's relationship with his wife are very different from each other. Curly and his wife have a very unstable marriage, lacking in communication, respect and love.