Falling in love with the Eiffel Tower, a rollercoaster, or even the Berlin Wall, this may seem to be unrealistic; however, for a certain group of people this is a reality.

These people who are in love and deeply attracted to inanimate objects call themselves objectum sexuals. They see themselves as a new sexual orientation that loves in the same was as everyone else. The only difference is their love is towards objects. Objectum sexuals have intense and intimate feelings for certain objects based on the objects physical and intellectual characteristics as well as its geometry and function.There are distinct views on this new trend of objectum sexuality.

There are the objectum sexuals who believe that falling in love with objects is a new sexual orientation, and on the opposite side of the spectrum are psychologists and psychiatrists who believe it is simply a fetish. In between the two sides are medical researchers who do believe that these people are in love with objects; however, the researchers believe this attraction stems from a medical disease known as Asperger's syndrome.Objectum sexuals believe that OS is an orientation Just like eterosexuality and homosexuality that are innate inside every person. Objects in the eyes of an OS person have spirits, personalities, and are also able to reciprocate love.

Erika Eiffel, the spokesperson for objectum sexuality who also married the Eiffel Tower says, "l can find a person aesthetically attractive, but more than that the answer is no. I do not feel anything more than friendship with people. I tried to have relations with people in the years and I rejected the OS but each time was a failure and caused me pain" (Eiffel).Those who are OS have no desire to be with humans; owever, they see their objects as human and have the same emotions related to other sexualities.

They feel lust, love, Jealousy, warmth, and passion for these objects and even become aroused around them like one would with a human partner. Objectum sexual have a mental connection with the objects which allows them to be intimate and share a deep connection. They have a certain mental and physical union with their object and believe that beauty is simply in the eye of the beholder. (What is OS).

This means that their idea of beauty and love may be different; owever, objectum sexual feel their orientation should be regarded in the same manner as homosexuality, bisexuality, etc. Asperger's disease, a form of autism is being correlated with objectum sexuality by many medical researchers. Half of the objectum sexual community suffers from Asperger's leading researchers to feel that objectum sexuality may stem from this medical condition. Sufferers of Asperger's live in a world where people seem hostile and mean, but inanimate objects appear friendly and loving.They dread the touch of another human being; however, they ong for a passionate encounter with their object.

Objectum sexuals and those diagnosed with Asperger's both find human relationships difficult and incomprehensible, while relationships with objects come naturally. Jerry Brooker, New York State medical researcher says, "It is not that an Asperger person does not long for human relationships. But someone who falls in love with objects can control that relationship on their own terms. Their objects will not let them down" (Brooker qtd I Married the Eiffel Tower 3).To a person suffering from Asperger's relationships ill never let them down and cause pain like a human could. To a desperately lonely person, loving an object seems very appealing.

Psychoanalysts find objectum sexuality to be a type of fetishism. It is diagnosed to be a fetish because of the fixation on an inanimate object that is not sexual in nature and the compulsive need for it. Objectum sexuality is classified as a fetish by psychoanalyst because of the need to take an artifact of their object with them at all times.Objectum sexuals use these objects for sexual gratification and to reach a climax, leading analyst to deem it as a fetish. A person with a fetish often spends significant amounts of time thinking about the object of the fetish.

Further, the object is intimately related to sexual pleasure or gratification. In the extreme, the presence of the fetish object is required for sexual release and gratification. Objectum sexuality is both a form fetish because the object and shape are important as well as a media fetish because the material of the objects also enhances the emotions and passion of the individual.Analysis has shown that fetishists have poor social skills and lead very isolated and lonely lives, oid of human interaction.

(Fetishism) There should be no debate on whether objectum sexuality is an orientation, mental disorder, of fetish. The answer is clear because of the growing group of people who claim to be objectum sexual and have intimate relationships with objects. OS should be labeled as an orientation, the same as heterosexuality, homosexuality, and even asexuality. When a person feels a certain way about their lifestyle then the world should be open and willing to accept it.