Nazi War Criminals Still Out There Nazi War Criminals Still Out There As you walk by and look at hundreds of people everyday, just think, one of these people could have helped Hitler's Nazi Party. One of them could have been in charge of sentencing thousands of Jew's to death each day. These heartless terrible people could be walking around in disguise. They could even be living next door. These people are the thousands of Nazi war criminals that escaped from Germany, dodging being prosecuted for their crimes.

Lot's have been caught, but there still many remain.Hermine Braunsteiner, one of the most cruel woman guards, was known for her terrible torturing of women at Ravensbruck and Maidenek concentration camps. She dodged the, and escaped to Canada where she found a husband. Then she moved to the U.

S., and even got American citizenship. It was that easy for her to do so. She lied when a question on the citizenship form asked her about past experiences, and just like that she was a true American citizen.It was so easy for these criminals to do exactly what Hermine Braunsteiner did. Most of them just lied about there past and the country didn't take the time to check out there past.

The criminals that had the easiest time escaping were the ones that weren't known of. Hitler had many organizations working for him secretly. These organizations had no trouble escaping.You would think that these people could live without fear, but there's one person they had to fear. Simon Wiesenthal the great Nazi Hunter, is always on their trail. Simon Wiesenthal has no respect for these criminals, and hunts them for pure revenge.

No one really knows exactly what part he played during World War II, and the age of the Nazi's, but he holds quite a grudge against Nazi's. Men and women fear him all over the world thinking that someday they may be the one he's after. They have a good reason to be since he is responsible for the capture of over 1,000 former SS men.He's been searching from his Jewish Documentation Center in Vienna for the past 40 years.

He's been awarded with many honorary degrees including Germany's highest decoration. He's also been praised by former president Carter as one of this centuries True Heroes. This great man has caught so many, but won't quit on his quest for revenge. Here's some people are known of thanks to Simon Wiesenthal right now. Jonas Stelmokas was an officer in the 3rd auxiliary Lithuanian Police Battalion.

He played an active role in prosecution and murder of 100's of Jew's in Alytus. He's living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he was recently stripped of his American Citizenship History Reports.