If someone were to ask me who the most influential person in my life was, I'd most likely tell him or her that it's my brother, Chris. My brother is one of the most important people in my life. I may not always act like it, but I look up to him and respect him.

It's hard to think of everything he's done for me and not like him. There's the basic stuff that most older brothers do. You know, baby-sit you, help you with your homework, and let you use their stuff. But my brother did a lot more for me. He was the one who taught me how to read and how to tie my shoes.He taught e how to hold my breath underwater.

He even taught me how not to touch his things. He also did other typical big brother stuff. Like shut me in the closet, play tricks on me, "forbid" me to use his stuff. But for each 'mean' thing he did to me, he did about five nice things. One nice thing he did was that he always let me hang around him and his friends. Because of that I actually have two brothers instead of one.

My other "brother" is Chris's best friend, Corey. They spent a lot of time together when they were younger, and since Chris was nice, I usually got to do stuff with them.Since Corey was as much my brother as Chris was, of course they both pulled little tricks on me. But I must admit a lot of the tricks worked because I was a slightly gullible child. One that readily comes to mind is when Chris and Corey tried, and succeeded, to convince me that they were being sucked into the ground. I was so convinced that I went inside and told Mom that they were being sucked down.

As I said, I was a slightly gullible child. Another little prank was when one of my friends was over while Mom and Dad were bowling and Chris and Corey were baby-sitting us.We hid in the athroom and locked the door, and they decided to take a rope, open the closet door, which is across from the bathroom and opens out, tie one end to the closet door knob, and tie the other end to the bathroom door knob. The bathroom door opens in.

Yes. we had some interesting times. Nazi Army's Outlook on Killing Children By briley Essay 1 The Nazi Army had absolutely no problem eliminating Jewish women and children. In the book, Night, it explains all the different ways the Nazis killed women and children.

The book makes it pretty clear that they had no issue with killing them.The videos we watched in class also gave vivid descriptions of what took place in the camps. The Nazis did not struggle with this decision in the least bit. One reason is because on pages 62-65 in the book it explains how the SS men hung the small boy. Even though some of the men had an issue carrying out the execution, three SS men gladly took their place. In the mind of the Nazis, Jewish children where Just the same as Jewish adults, after all they would one day become adults themselves.

Jewish babies were also thrown into the air for "target practice.In my opinion, people who "struggle" with decisions regarding life and death do not do these terrible acts to children. When families arrived at the camps, women and small children were separated from the men. The SS officers would throw women and children into a fire alive.

They also lined the women up, some still holding their children, and shot them. The women and children had their clothes taken from them. We saw this illustrated in a picture we looked at in class. A few of the unfortunate children were used for medical "experiments.Twins were considered extremely rare and fascinating to the Nazis.

Children were regularly chosen as subjects for these "experiments. " Over one million Jewish children died in the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis. Anywhere from 2. 9 to 3 million Jewish women also died. In conclusion, any Jew of any age was fair game for the Nazis. Their main goal was to eliminate them regardless of the age or the sex.

These are some of the reasons I believe this is true. Nazis definitely did not struggle with their decision on this matter. The SS had absolutely no understanding of the value of life.