Narrative essay Main character: genie Setting: swamp Plot: treasure is found There are four genies, which is Jinny, Winny, Tinny and Ninny, they are very good friend and they have living in a forest called The Peaceful Forest. They live in there almost 100 years, unfortunately they only can live 200 years, but they never feel sad about that and they live happily. One day, a devil has come to their place and tells them that there is a treasure inside the swamp which is behind the forest. He asks them to help him to get the treasure and he will give them a bottle of magic water that can help them to increase lifespan as the reward.

After that, because the bottle of magic water only have one, so the genies started to become selfish and only think of self and try to get the magic water. But, actually the devil are lie to them, he just want them to help him to get the treasure and he does not have any reward to give back them. The four genies have a simple mind, so they do not think about the devil will lie to them, so they follow the devil to find the treasure and it take about 2 days to reach there. In the middle of the journey, Jinny, Winny and Tinny started to have conflict because they wanted to drink the magic water and do not want to let another to steal.

Then, the devil started to smile because he has successful to provoke their relationship. Luckily, Niny, the leader of them which is lovely and kind, she started to tell them not to argue and try to persuade them but she failed because no one want to listen to her words. Few hours later, they reach the place, the devil is so exciting about the treasure that he have waited so long, so he call them to help him jump into the swamp to get it, but all of them are fighting because of the magic water. The devil can’t stand it, so he goes there and stop their fighting.

When they all are pushing and pulling each other, the devil accidently felt into the swamp and he feel so painful because his weakness is cannot touch the swamp. The four genies quickly jump into it and try to save the devil, but it was too late, the devil has turn into ash. Unconsciously, Niny saw the treasure is floating on the swamp, so she take it and open it with the three other genies. After she opens it, they all smile to each other and hug each other because inside the treasure box, there was nothing inside. So, it means everything that they argue was a waste of time, and then they go back home and live happily just like before.