After a rigorous training on writing skills, accompanied with various exercises done this semester, I am humbled to write a letter that conveys my position in my writing skills. Being under your instructorship, I have done a lot that has exposed my weaknesses and strengthened my strongholds. On reviewing these strongholds, I will be capable of ensuring I do not lapse in what I have already achieved. Tackling my weakness will guarantee my prosperity as a writer.

As a writer, I have discovered various strongholds that I possess. Firstly, my creativity and level of imagination has grown abundantly. I have discovered that it does not take me time to compose creative works that include poems and imaginative writing. The little time that I take to make a narration flow has been so advantageous in my writing. This, however, does not hold on its own. It is with the fact that I have improved considerably in various areas that have improved in my speed.

These include spelling, tenses, and variations in style. I all do this with ease thus not spending a lot of time while thinking about them when doing the writing. However, my weakness in overuse of a passive voice still holds. I usuall peruse my written work to amend this weakness.

I am still shallow of vocabularies too.To build on the above strengths, I have opted to up my socks in every aspect. I have opted to come up with an imaginative essay on a daily basis. This is something that I do while timing my individual speed thus ensuring that am improving continuously. Other scheduled areas that I tackle with friends while we do personal assessment include, dictations and vocabulary-build-up exercises. My revision strategy as a whole has been quite beneficial.

This has been both personal and grouped approaches. I have a collection of various stories done on magazines, newspapers and those extracted from websites. These current issue stories, which I have scheduled their daily reading, help me in fields such as current affairs and general knowledge. This equips me with enough facts and materials when writing articles related to current affairs and general knowledge. The articles also equip me with modern writing skills.

I cannot deny the fact that my creativity has a boost after reading hundreds of these articles written by polished writers. I have opted to have a hard copy of vocabularies that I come aacross in these articles. It is my ardent hope that this will solve my long problem in this area. I am content about the progress that I have made this semester.

The works that I have done have shown tremendous improvements. Comparing the works I did at the beginning of the semester, and my capabilities that I possess now says it all. It is a job well done. However, a need for further improvements is unquestionable. This has given me an urge to set various goals that when achieved will imply continuous improvement. These include a target of writing a personal composition of imaginative short stories.

A book that I hope will be full of creativity, captivity, and rich of vocabulary.It is surprising that writing is not what I had thought of before I set foot in this class. I never stopped to think that the little creativity I possessed was all I needed. It has come to my realization that nothing I have is enough. My passion to learn read and write more has become uncontrollable.

With this strong urge and willingness, it is likely that my skills will flourish. I believe my works will be of significant worth after this class. Thanks to your instructorship and guidance.