Both of my parents were artists, so I have been raised in an artistic environment since birth. Instead of seeing an object for what it is, I have perceived the aesthetic aspect as well as the functionality aspect of such. This came naturally to me over time and I had the opportunity to enhance such skills such as sculpture in high school and at the graduate Media Art program at the Kay-won College of the Art.

Now, as a senior in an interior design program at California College of the Arts, I have only come to realize the true potential that I have in this field. As an interior design student, I have always found myself drawn to the practicality of architecture. I have also studied subjects in the field of interior architecture, such as: Building System, Lighting System and the Building Code, which I believe are elements that I feel should play an integral role in interior design. I feel that there is a close connection between interior design and fine art. Interior design allows me to marry form and function in creating things that feel useful.

Also, the internship experience at the Ellerbe Becket allows me to understand how important the knowledge of architecture is practically and contractually by having an experience of drawing few of construction details. For me, there is a synergy between these two fields and I feel that this is another area where a person with the proper training and expertise can explore the realms of one’s imagination without sacrificing practicality and functionality. I have decided to study Architecture for my master’s degree because I feel as though I need the background of an Architect so that I can further study the realms of Interior Design in a structural aspect. I believe a background in architecture is necessary to understand the form and function, as well as giving me confidence to be a good interior designer. I always think that I am an artist who is creating space for humanity and I want to have my own philosophy in architecture and design.

I have always been involved with installation art, sculpture and mural painting. As such, my feel and appreciation for interior design and architecture comes from the perspective that each forms an integral part of the whole, seamless but at the same time discernable to the trained eye. I am confident that, if given a chance, my exposure here will open up a world of opportunities, not only professionally but also artistically. When I was working at architectural companies as an intern I felt the bond of all the architects who implemented each of his/her own expertise to come together to work on big projects.

Some of employees were working on a specialized part of project, but I want to work on the big idea of architectural design rather than a specialized part of the project. I wish that I can open my own company in a future and become a main project designer. As most of designers wish I want to design something under my name. I have always seen architecture not only as a combination of art and technology but an expression of the life and spirit of people. As an artist, who is also an interior designer, my goal is not only to build a space or to create beauty, but also to suggest a meaning.

When designing space for people, it must be properly done so that it leads one to the reason behind the space. That is to say, when I design a space, I want it to have meaning. Although it does not have to make people directly that it has meaning, the design of the form should help them recognize the meaning that was intended. Through my life, I hope to make life in the space more pleasurable and comfortable, as well as to help people figure out where they are.