Effects can be detrimental and long lasting. Adolescence is a developmental stage haracterized by many physical, emotional and social changes. Though the body is becoming adult, the brain is changing but not fully mature yet and therefore susceptible to a higher risk for poor choices such as using alcohol and illegal drugs" (Brooks, 2014).

For this same reason, the brain is more vulnerable to substance use and abuse. Currently, pornography is a serious danger as well for adolescents. Since it is fairly easy accessible through the internet it can turn into an addiction. Spirituality can be a determining factor in prevention of addiction.Research has extensively focused on the challenges associated with adolescence substance use and abuse. However, it seems more research needs to be performed on how to prevent the high numbers of addiction in adolescence.

Besides research, news stories show evidence on the prevalence of addiction. Relationship between Abuse and Addiction in Adolescence Adolescence is a transitional stage in development between childhood and adulthood. This stage is characterized by a unique transformation in brain and behavior.Physically, the body is becoming mature and undergoes many changes which affect social and emotional areas as well.

Hormones are poured out into the adolescents' body which causes the period of puberty. According to Feldman (2014), "Puberty, the period during which the sexual organs mature, begins when the pituitary gland in the brain signals other glands in children's bodies to begin producing the sex hormones, at adult levels"(p. 351). Neurologically, this stage