All throughout life, we come across people who, in the course of our mingling with them, become an inspiration to us because of different reasons. He or she could be a parent, relative, a friend, a neighbor, teacher, or anybody who we deal with on a daily basis. In my case, the person who serves as my inspiration is my next door neighbor. My parents are both very busy working in order to provide our family's daily needs. So raising me was a bit of a predicament for them. As luck would have it, we have a next door neighbor who is a motherly soul. She came forward and volunteered to keep an eye on me while my parents were at work. She does not have any children of her own and as far back as I could remember, spends most of her time in her home tending to her garden. She is like a second mother to me.  My parents were so glad to leave me with her because she made sure to instill discipline and values in the child left in her care. She says that I am the child she never had. She is proud of me just like my parents are. I am so close to her that sometimes, my mom gets jealous because I ask our neighbor for her opinion on anything I want to do. What my parents do not know is that this neighbor of ours was there for me at a very trying time in my life. When I was being bullied and failing my subjects in school. She helped me realize my potential as a student and learn to respect myself as a human being. Since I would come over to her house directly after school, she spent her afternoons tutoring me and helping me with my other schoolwork. Even when I was at my dumbest and when my parents had given up on me learning the task at hand, she always supported me and told me that I could do it. I just needed to figure out how I could accomplish things in a way that made me comfortable. Each time, I would amaze my parents because of what I was able to accomplish. My life is going great right now. I like the person I have grown up to be and I know that I can accomplish more, as I grow older. All of this is because of the unconditional, inspirational support my next door neighbor gave and continues to give me.