Rishiv Chugh 9/24/12 4th period My Opinion On War War, it’s one of the biggest things to happen to the world ever since then human evolution. So my opinion on war? Well to me, war is good on one side, and a terrible thing on the other side. So why do I think it is both good and bad at the same time? I might as well tell you and give some brief explanations why. So to start off, I’ll tell you the pro’s of war. For one thing, if there was no war, for all we know, there just might be more chaos in the world.

With no control, other countries could nuke or bomb us without us knowing. I’m just saying that even though war may be a bad thing, it may be the one thing that can save our loved country from being overruled from other countries. Now we don’t want that to happen. Now I’ll move on to the cons of war. So the most obvious con of war is the loss of many loved ones. Everyone knows that it can be pretty difficult to lost someone that you really love.

Just think about all the poor people that lost their lives just trying to fight for our country. We should appreciate how much these brave people do to save our country. I know I do. I guess that all I am saying is that there are many different consequences and advantages to war. It goes from saving our beloved country to people losing their lives. So, next time you think about this, think about the people that lost their lives protecting the country.