1. Define the term "Muckraker. " Be sure to include the name of the person who created it -Muckrakers were American journalists and novelists of the 20th century who exposed corruption in government and businesses. The term was created by Theodore Roosevelt. 2. Naturalism was a literary movement of the late 19th century that was an extension of Realism. What was the main focus of the Naturalistic writer? -The main focus of the Naturalistic writer was the fringes society, the criminal, the fallen, and the down-and-out 3.

American Realists believed that humanity's freedom of choice was limited by the power of outside forces. How would this view differ from the perspective of the Romantic writer (think of someone like Emerson)? -Romantic writers believed that all people were encouraged torward self-development, and that everyone is valued as individuals from birth. They also believed in expressing themselves in ways that they chose, like art, and all kinds of expression. 4. In your opinion, based on what you have read, why would post Civil War, newly industrialized America be attracted to the Realistic movement? It was an age of reform. There was so sugar coating things. The south was destroyed, newly frees blacks were in poverty, and the economy was bad. Change was happening but everything wasn’t lollipops and daises. 5. What is meant by the term "local color"? -Local color is also called regional literature. It is fictional literature about a certain region, which means the characters; the way they talk and live would all be they way things are in that specific region.