Ritz-Carlton: Motivational Profile Addis Bosnia, Antoinette Taylor, Each Graham and Steve Micros SYS-320 September 9, 2013 Randy Foster The Ritz-Carlton is world renowned for its prestigious facilities and service excellence wow stories. The organizational focus on creating a "memorial experience" for their customers starts with their employees.

Ritz-Carlton invests in their employees to ensure that their people's genuine care and focus is on their customers.The Ritz uses an array of strategies to fuel motivation that range from intrinsic motivators such as empowerment to extrinsic motivators like their fringe benefits and insemination packages. There is no coincidence that this service excellence organization won the Department of Commerce awarded the Ritz Carlton the Malcolm National Quality Award twice. Cesar Ritz was born in 1850 in a Swiss village of Underworld to a family of 13. At the age of 12 his family sent him away to learn French and study mathematics, which he struggled with.Lacking skills and direction for his life, his father paid an acquaintance in a nearby town to train young Cesar to become a winemaker.

After a long struggle in the hotel industry, Cesar Ritz began earning his craft working in France, England, and Switzerland. He was fired from various Jobs and was even told by one employer that "in the hotel business you need an aptitude, a flair?you haven't a trace of it. " From those humble beginnings, the "hotelier of kings and king of hoteliers" C©Sara Ritz completely revolutionized the luxury hotel industry.Starting with The Ritz Paris and The Carlton in London, which Ritz purchased a mansion in Paris and spent two years preparing it to be his 210- room hotel. In 1898 C©Sara Ritz emphasized the guest experience, created opulent hysterical environments, innovated hotel design, produced settings of uncompromising quality, and established what have become the gold standard for luxury and the epitome of service excellence, WWW. Unprofessional.

Com (n. D. ) In June 1902, C©Sara Ritz suffered an emotional collapse. Although he was involved in planning the London Ritz, which opened in 1905.His eventual successor was his son Charles Ritz.

However the short period Cesar tenure was brief, it continues to be compared to the legacy influenced by luxury hotel design and service he believed in, Www. Hypertension's. Com (n. D.

). A developer named Albert Keller went on to establish an investing company and franchised the Ritz-Carlton name for hotels he constructed in the United States. With establishments in New York City, Atlantic City, Boca Orator, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, in 1927 the first hotel was in Boston.In many ways The Ritz-Carlton, Boston was the premier brand in the United States through its attention to detail, practical innovations, and creation of an unrivaled customer experience, WWW. Unprofessional. Com.

Today the Ritz-Carlton has 80 hotels in 26 entries, staffs 38,000 with expansion partners also in the luxury hotel business. These hotels include The Ritz-London, Hotel Ritz Madrid, Bali, Indonesia BULGARIA Hotels Ana Resorts London, unlace Oklahoman, - RYE Hotels Ana Resorts Milan, Ana Italy, The Ritz-Carlton (2013). Ritz-Carlton sales revenues have tripled in the past several years, from $1. Billion in 1998 to nearly $3.

0 billion in 2007. Additionally, the company continues to accelerate its global growth plan and focuses on a strategy that includes the reinvestment of more than $1 billion in upgrades and renovations. Despite these financial accomplishments, the Ritz-Carlton brand has not always maintained a steady level of fiscal success. Products and services offered, currently The Ritz-Carlton offer many brand extension at many of the hotels and resorts. World-class golf is offered at 15 Ritz-carton locations.These courses have been designed by the most respected names in golf including Greg Norman, Jack Nicolas and Tom AFAIK, and have hosted many PIG and Senior PIG Events.

Combining innovative membership options for luxury travel around the world with the legendary services of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L. L. C. , and The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club offers an inspirational vacation lifestyle tailored to each Member's needs and expectations. In 2009, The Club not only underwent a brand evolution but was also awarded Rob Report's "Best of the Best" distinction.

Additionally, Ritz-Carlton Destination Club Members enjoyed an industry leading 49,000 vacations at Ritz- Carlton Destination Clubs and Ritz-Carlton Hotels worldwide in 2009. The Ritz- carton (2013). The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is a place where genuine care and comfort of the guests is the highest mission. The organization's session statement reflects that by saying "We pledge to provide the finest personal service and facilities for our guests who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambiance. " No matter the circumstances they will provide superior service and keep the guests needs on the forefront of their minds.

This type of service is partially responsible for why they stand out among others in the hotel industry. The Ritz-Carlton is composed of many leaders and business partners throughout the whole organization. It is through the leaders and the type of leadership that the company demands that has led them to be awarded and honored with several hospitality awards. When the Ritz-Carlton was bought out by Marriott International helped the Ritz become a leader in the hospitality field. Adding this support to the organization along with the Leadership Center keeps the company successful.

The Leadership Center is a key element of how the Ritz trains and motivates its employees. They use new and innovative techniques to motivate and influence the leaders who in turn go out and use them within their own workplaces (Michelle). Success for the Ritz-Carlton comes also from their decision-making strategies. According to an article, they use five simple principles.

The first is "define and refine, meaning they define what outstanding service should look like and adapt their ways to achieve that goal and standard. They also want to "empower through Trust. To retain a loyal customer base, they need to provide the best quality of service possible and build up trust with their guests. This will keep them coming back.

The third strategy states "It's not about you. " The guest is the priority which nears the Ritz- Carlton needs to stand out amongst other competitors. Another important strategy is o "Allover wow! " sometimes great customer experiences are not enough to gain a large following. Doing something that will stand out in the customer's eyes is how the Ritz-Carlton remains so successful. Leave a lasting footprint" is the final decision making strategy adopted by the Ritz-Carlton.

They want the memories that their guests make in any of the hotels to remain with them forever. When those memories get passed down that leaves the door open for many more to be created. It is a never-ending cycle, one that will always trace back to their stay at the Ritz-Carlton (Michelle, pig. 5). The Ritz-Carlton takes great pride in their services and strives for their customers to feel much more than 5 star hotel stay, the company's drive is to provide a "memorable experience".They are certainly hitting their mark with 92% - 97% of their guests leaving with that impression (http://www.

Baldrics. NIST. Gob/ Ritz_Carlton_Hotel_Co. HTML).

In 2009, Ritz-Carlton leader, Simon Cooper, said that the secret to the company's success is the focus on their three fundamentals. The first one being the location, they want the "absolutely best locations". The second piece is he product; they spend $500,000. 00 to over $1 M on each room. The 3rd fundamental is people; they are the ones that make it.

Cooper stated that you must get the first two right because your people can only do so much (http:// www. Robes. Com/2009/10/30/Simon-cooper- Ritz- leadership-connectors- hotels. HTML). Selecting the right people and training them is a very important process. Their human resource department doesn't Just select the right person for the Job; they match the person with the right Job.

The Ritz only hires 2% of the people that apply for their vacancies. Every applicant is screened and the people that are "selected" have been interviewed at least 3 times. Every new Ritz-Carlton employee attends a two day orientation that introduces them to this above all service.The employee then goes through about a month of on the Job training and becomes certified for their particular Job. Each employee goes through 100 hours of training each year to ensure that they are aligned with the company's vision and mission. Aside from training, there are "daily inspections for appearance, periodic performance reviews and an unrelenting emphasis on quality' (http://www.

Yeti's. Com/1993/03/31 / business/Ritz-Carlton-s-keys-to-good-service. HTML). The Ritz prides itself on the amount of focus they spend on training each employee every year to ensure that they deliver service excellence.

The benefits and incentives that each Ritz-Carlton employee receives is important to the motivational strategy. The Ritz-Carlton considers the health and well-being of its employees to be one of its highest priorities (http://corporate. Articulation. Com/en/Careers/Benefits. HTML). The Ritz offers benefits that range from family healthcare to complimentary employee meals.

The Ritz-Carlton pays its employees comparable rates to the other industry leaders; yet the Ritz has more than half the turnover than the industry average which tells you that wages aren't everything to the employees.Hundreds of hours of training, medical benefits and free meals won't net you the intrinsic motivation needed to ensure that your people deliver this unrelenting emphasis on quality. The Ritz- Carlton has an employee empowerment program like no other. Every employee has the authority to spend up to $2000 on a customer to enhance their stay or to fix a problem without management signify. The concept is to do something, to create an absolutely wonderful stay for a guest" (http://www.

Forbes. Com/2009/10/30/Simon- cooper-rill-learners-connectors-notes. HTML). Bettor can isn't starts at every Carlton, employees gather together for a 15 minute staff meeting which they call "the lineup". During this time the employees share "wow' stories.

"These are true stories of employee heroics that go above and beyond conventional customer service expectations" (http://www. Businesslike. Com/stories/2008-02-29/employee- motivation-the-Ritz-Carlton-woefulness's-business-news-stock-market-and- uncial-advice). These stories give employees fame across the enterprise which breeds motivation.The Rite's main motivational strategy is the culture and this starts with the leadership team. You must believe that the culture doesn't stick unless the leadership team lives it.

"Each year, executives devote about one-fourth of their time to quality-related matters" (http://www. Baldrics. NIST. Gob/Ritz_Carlton_Hotel_Co. HTML).

The managers are service excellence models that lead their teams on the floor and no Job is beneath them. The Ritz-Carlton breeds quality. Management and staff review daily quality reduction reports which are submitted from 720 work areas in the hotel system.They go over these numbers to see what went well the day before and where they can improve. This tedious attention to every detail is what makes them great.

The customers aren't the only ones that recognize the superior quality of the most prestigious hotel chain in the world. The United States Department of Commerce awarded the Ritz Carlton the Malcolm National Quality Award in 1992 and 1999. The Ritz is only the only hotel industry business to winner this award and only the second business to win it twice (http://corporate. Autocratic.

Mom/en/Press/Kits/Baldrics. HTML). Employees don't wait until the end of the year to receive feedback on their performance. Throughout the day they receive coaching from peers and management on how to improve their daily tasks. The Ritz Carlton creates a continuous improvement environment for their employees who are referred to as "ladies and gentlemen", by empowering them to make changes on their own for the better since nobody knows how to improve things better than the people on the front lines. This empowerment nets employee buy-in which helps motivate them.

Management is taught to focus on what the "ladies and gentlemen" do right and to publicly recognize them and corrective action talks happen in private. Since employees receive continuous performance feedback, Yearly employee evaluations are to focus on training weaknesses and ways for the organization to improve. Ritz is a great company to work for that has many advantages for their employees. One of the best part for the company is that they are around the whole world, which nears that if the employee does re-locate to another location they are able to move with their Job.

Another great benefit is that you can start from the bottom and work your way up to the top because there are a lot of positions available within the company. With their great benefits that the company has, they also motivate their employees by offering great benefits for insurance and many other factors that the employees benefit from. Ritz is a company that focuses on its employees and ensures that its employees are taken care of first before anything else. By using various motivational techniques, the company's main focus is to ensure that their employees have all the tools to be able to perform at work.To ensure that it is the case. They offer various training options for their employees.

Ritz uses there various techniques to De stressful Ana tenet employees are usually eager to ay better because they know that it is a great company to work for. Ritz is definitely a resort organization that many people tend to look forward to working there because they offer great benefits for their employees. Their business mainly focuses on customers because that is what every single organization does, but they do have their employees as the number two priority because they do care about who works for them.Another great attraction is that there are endless opportunities once you are at the company, there are more positions available than anyone can possible think of.

In conclusion, The Ritz-Carton's has always been known for its lavish estates and relentless drive to provide the best experience possible for their guests. Though it costs almost twice the price of a regular hotel, the Ritz-Carton's continuous improvement culture has made them very lucrative. Employee empowerment seems to be the main ingredient to their workforce motivation which is the quality leader in their industry and the world.