The parent teacher meeting is an activity which fosters good interaction between the parents of the children and the school teachers. Most of the time, these interactions provide very beneficial effects to the total welfare of the students. Apparently, there are three major groupings which can be observed among mothers who attend these kinds of meetings-the “social”, “reserved” and the “unconcerned”. The social mother is the one who actually has all the energy in order to completely devote herself to the parent-teacher meeting. In terms of expenses, she actually manages to impart more amounts of money that what is required in fulfilling a project for the benefit of the whole class, in effect of her child. She is always willing to participate in upcoming school activities. It is also a fact that this type of mother will commit right away at the earliest possible time to an activity which is still to be scheduled. When it comes to interactions with the teacher, she always manages to ask questions about the performance of her child. To get more information, and possibly some commendations from the teacher is her prized reward. The next type of a mother who attends parent-teacher meetings is the reserved one. This kind of mother pays the exact amount needed in order to fund a certain school project. When it comes to school activities, she does not commit right away but will make sure that the teacher will be able to know her compliance as soon as possible. Although she manages to go to school activities, the intention is to serve as the guardian for her child and not for any other reasons. In terms of interacting with the teacher, this kind of mother will just accept whatever the teacher will tell her about the child and would not dare elaborate more about his performance. She will just take into considerations whatever advices the teacher would give. The last type is the unconcerned mother. Since she considers her child’s welfare less of a priority, she is the one who will always complain about the expenses to be incurred for school projects; would even demand for a detailed breakdown of where the money contribution is going to be used. When it comes to school activities’ planning, this type of a mother will almost always give out reasons just to skip those important child-parent interactions in school. These reasons are closed ended and would take no other course but to deny the invitation for a school activity. The unconcerned mother would not even care to talk to her child’s teacher for any other info about his performance in class. It is very clear that doing so is just a waste of time for her. Motherly care is considered to be the most effective factor in bringing up a well rounded child. Programs such as the parent-teacher meetings will definitely provide some more good avenues to improve whatever the conditions of school children are based on the assessment of the teachers. The three groups of mothers who attend the parent-teacher meetings in schools are the core individuals who will practically influence how their respective child will develop to become good citizens.