No doubt man is a social being and can never live a mundane custom always. Man undergoes dissimilar swings and moods in his every day life. It is true that moods are intense feelings that are directed at someone or something. Unlike a computer or any automatic tool, man gets worn out or gets weary easily. He cannot carry out any repeated action incessantly without a break. Let us take a quick tour of an instance of an exacting student who was a characteristic bookworm. He was very careful and he did studies and not anything else the whole day. Ironically, his marks never used to demonstrate the efforts he used to take. The cause for this absurdity was that he always kept poring into books with no positive mood. No doubt he never used to take even a minute gap of rest. This forced his mind to start inattention and stay put in reveries. This would obviously influence his academic and over all presentation in school activities. There is one more cause to hold up this statement. On taking a break from a usual behavior, say, studies would give a touch to the person. One would feel rather guilty for homicide the time into other behavior. This would prompt the person to study harder and go in an earlier rate with full attentiveness in his studies. Thus, still a half an hour break would save hours of time which would just be exhausted in reveries. (Thayer, 1997) Taking a diminutive period of break would give rest to the mind. The person would feel invigorated to go back to work in an improved mood. A person wearied out or in a bad swing would sense joyous and happy if he/she takes a break by doing amazing attractive or even by taking respite for a while.  Furthermore one could take a break by connecting in any sport movement or spend various times by a hobby. Going for sports could be a high-quality time-pass. This will get better one's health and obviously enrich one's mind since a sound mind forever dwells in a sound body. It would also get better a person's aptitude in sports or additional co-curricular activities like illustration, music etc. A person could get improved himself in an over-all method, not only in work but also in engage in recreation. Therefore, I powerfully believe that it is true saying moods are intense feelings that are directed at someone or something. References Thayer E. Robert, (1997), The Origin of Everyday Moods: Managing Energy, Tension, and Stress. Oxford University Press, New York.