The Dark Knight Rises/ Mise-en-scene It is necessary to use a wide variety of elements in the production of a film, like costumes, are outfits, accessories, hairstyles. Props, basically an object used by the actor. Actors are the individuals who act as certain character. In this case The Dark Knight Rises has a lot of unique elements that made it an award winning film. All this elements made this action packed film so exacting that you are going to want to watch it twice.

The main character in The Dark Knights Rises is Christian Bale who plays the role of Batman. Batman is a hero for the city who fights bad guys and saves anybody from harm’s way. Anne Hathaway plays the role of cat woman who helps batman saves the city from harm’s way. Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays the role of robin, batman’s sidekick. Batman’s costume has many features, like his utility belt. It is able to deploy smoke, so he is able to escape from his enemies. He is also able to deploy these bat shaped throwing stars from his arm that he throws at his enemies.

He also has a mask that covers his face, so his identity isn’t reveal, it equipped with a voice changer so nobody can distinguish him from his true identity. He also has a cape that is also use for example, say he is on top of a building, and he needs to escape from an enemy, he opens his cape and hardens and he is able to use it to glide to a safe location. There are a lot of props in The Dark Knight Rises, for example; he has grappling gun, which is use for grappling from building to building in case he needs to escape from an enemy or he needs to get to a place quick enough.

He also has the bat mobile, which he uses from transportation; it also turns into a motorcycle. As we see the making of a movie requires of the use of multiple physical objects and figures that are the key ingredients in cinematic mise-en-scene, moving from inanimate objects and human figures to the accentuation of those figures and objects with costumes and lighting. (Corrigan, Timothy). This is what makes the movie amazing.