the combination of text, graphics, animation, audio, video, and/or virtual reality
What is multimedia?
What is the term for characters, such as :) or :( , used to express emotion in an email message or newsgroup article?
They both are online
When two people are conversing over the Internet in real time, what do you know about them?
access provider
Which of the following is a business that provides individuals and companies access to the Internet for free or for a fee
If someone's boss wanted to send a message to an employee that contains both a video and a Word processing document, which Internet service would be the most appropriate for her to use?
You want to make it possible for your smartphone to share its Internet access wirelessly with your friend's device. Which of the following will you use?
It uniquely identifies the location of each computer or device connected to the Internet.
What is the purpose of an Internet Protocol address (IP address)?
You are looking for a browser that will run on your computer, which uses the Linux operating system. Which of the following is an option for you?
mobile app
You have a new application that is taking full advantage of the features of your smartphone, including the touch screen and an embedded GPS receiver.

What kind of application is this?

Which of the following is a program that extends the capability of a browser?
domain name
In Internet terminology, what is the term,, called
What is the term for an electronic document on the web that can contain text, graphics, animation, audio (sound), and video?
search engine
Which of the following is a program that finds websites and webpages?
media player
Which of the following is special software that a user needs in order to listen to an audio file on a computer?
FTP server
Which of the following is a computer that allows users to upload and/or download files using FTP?
Which of the following is the process of transferring files from a computer to a server on the Internet?
a worldwide collection of blogs
To what does the term, blogosphere, refer?
What separates the components of a domain name?
plan the website; design the website; create the website; host the website; maintain the website
Which of the following identify the five steps in web publishing?
internet backbone
The major carriers of Internet network traffic are known collectively by what term?