INTRO: As most of you guys know, I really enjoy statistics so when Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown this year, I instantly knew what I was going to inform you guys about. What makes this even better is that I have been a tigers fan all my life and he is my favorite baseball player of all time. With made his season really incredible in my eyes is that he changed positions to 3B before the season to welcome his good friend from Milwaulkee, Prince Fielder. FIRST SLIDE: Explain them and how this year he has only beat his other year’s statistics in 3 of the 5 categories.

SECOND SLIDE: How close it was in each stat. * Home Runs: Granderson/Hamilton needed just 2 more HRs out of their 596/562 ABs * RBIswas the frathest stat away. Hamilton was 11 back but 3rd place had 110 (Willingham-Min) * Batting average: Mike Trout needed just 8 more hits out of his 559 Abs THIRD SLIDE: “Most of you are going to ask how Miguel Cabrera couldn’t possibly win the AL MVP after becoming the first triple crown winner since 1967 but there is actually a chance that he doesn’t.

It also wouldn’t be the first time a triple crown winner lost the MVP. Frank Robinson lost the MVP race the year that he won the triple crown. ” * Miguel was 14th player to win triple crown * 1st in slugging percentage, 2nd in hits, 7th in doubles, 4th in OBP * Mike Trout was the first player to ever have 30 HR, 45 SB, and 125 R. * 1st in SB, 1st in wins above replacement, 1st in runs by 20 runs, 3rd in OBP The MVP is announced November 18th so we won’t know who won it for another 34 days.

ENDING * Miguel Cabrera * Triple Crown Winner * First since 1967 (Carl Yastrzemski) * AL Most Valuable Player? * Detroit Tigers * AL Central Champions * Beat the White Sox by 3 games * American League Division Series Winners * 3-2 over the athletics * American League Championship Series * Up 2-0 in best of 7 over the Yankees FINAL LINE: “Overall I hope you have learned more about the Detroit Tigers 3B Miguel Cabrera and how one of a kind his season really was and how it still isnt over yet. ”