Michael Jordan - Indelible Impression Images of Michael Jordans sublimeness on the basketball court will be forever remembered. He has become a world wide icon to many basketball fans. He showed us his skills of the game he loves. The article mentioned one of his great moments, which was "the jaw-dropping switch-it-from-the- left lay-up against the Los Angels Lakers in the 1991 finals.

(pg. 1) Michael Jordan was not always "the great Michael Jordan," we all know and love.He struggled to become the best early in his career. "When the Bulls failed to finish over .500 in Jordans first three seasons and didnt reach the second round of the playoffs until his forth, there was a widely held belief among players and reporters that a Jordan-led team would never win it all.

He shot too much. He didnt get his teammates involved." Which is mentioned about his early beginnings. (pg. 2) This was soon proved wrong later in his career.

He has shown us that the Bulls can win it all and his teammates are involved in the winning. It was also said in Michaels early career, he failed to get along with his teammates. The article mentioned that he "preferred the company of a collection of close buddies." He has proven us all wrong. He has often said that he liked hanging out with his teammates off the court. It is clearly seen in many pictures of him and his teammates.

In conclusion, although Michael Jordan has retired from the game of basketball, he will not be forgotten by many. He has shown the world of basketball that he can play his best and be the best. He might not be making anymore game winning shots but many will still love his ability to play basketball.