Mentel Health 1. Healthy Relationships- Being in an abusive relationship can be very hard on a person. Being in a healthy relationship can be rewarding and fun. In a healthy relationship you must have many things, trust is one, dont be jealous and share your feelings. It involves fair fighting, no hitting, pushing or grabbing, arguments should focus on hear and now.

Things of an abusive relationship are, like physically abused, being slammed in to things, or being forced to stay, when you want to leave, and wrecking or destroying personal property. Emotional abuse is also used in unhealthy relationships. Telling you no one else will want you dont care for your feelings. If you want your relationship to be healthy always include I messages.

Effective communication and always confront him or her when something is wrong. 2. Personal Inventories- Somethings I learned about personal inventories is people may be assertive, passive or aggressive.Being Assertive means trying to seek a compromise with the person your talking to. Being passive is well you really dont care, and youll give in easily to other people and you listen well but dont say anything back to the person.

Being aggressive means you always want it your way, always not listening to others and when other people are talking they usually interrupt them and forcefully put in their own words. 3. Suicide- Suicide is the act of intention all taking ones life. Things that cause suicide might be the rising Divorce rate, increased use of alcohol, pressure to succeed in school and troubled families.

Some possible warning signs of suicide are depression, giving away prized possessions, writing a will, and prior attempts. You can help one person by trying to talk to them, and ask what are wrong, and making jokes. 4. Coping with loss- Coping with loss can be very hard on a person. They might blame themselves or say a cure will be developed.