Me at the age of 30 My vision for the future involves many goals that I know I will have to work hard to achieve. I feel that the way to achieve my goals will still be difficult. My professional goals in life are to find a job that makes me happy,have a family and a child . Firstly I want to assure a stable and well paid job. I hope I will be working in medicine or pharmacy. I think in this field there will always be a job open for me.

Hospitals are always in need of doctors to help with people that get sick, or hurt in an accident or anything else. Also all the people need drugs when they get sick,so in my opinion pharmacist is a great job for a girl . In this field I will get benefits for my family, such as health insurance. To get a job like this takes many years of work, study and practice. A job who I also dreamed since I was little is flight attendant.

I started to think a lot of this option and I really like it because I enjoy speaking English and others foreign languages. I imagine I will be flying over oceans and countries. Secondly I’m going to start a family. By getting married and having a family I believe will bring joy into my life. I want to make sure my own family is happy. I really don’t see myself with lots of children at the of 30, but I expect I will find a soul mate.

It is beautiful to watch your children grow up before your eyes and this is what I want, but not at the age of 30. I believe, as well as most people, that you are successful in life if you have raised a family. I wish I’ll become a serious person who knows what she wants. Also I want to live in a beautiful city like Timisoara ,Iasi,Brasov or Pitesti. I’ll have a big apartment and a nice car. Becouse I live in a small village ,I know how hard is to be a commuter so I want my future to be in a big city. So that’s how I see myself at the age of 30.