This greatly symbolizes the smartness of technology in terms of mobile and it is being expected that mobile web would be everything to do in the coming one or two years. Mobile Commerce can be described in simple words as, 'business transactions that are made via mobile devices'.

There are a plenty of mobile commerce applications on the industry so far with which we are getting benefited In many ways. APS that favor mobile banking, location maps, news, mobile shopping, ticketing and mobile file sharing are on the higher demands, as for now.This consistently rising Mobile Commerce technology has pinched online stores to their sites for mobile phones. Online store, If Integrated to smartened are sure goanna experience an amazing growth in business and sales.

Illustrated below are the benefits of Mobile Commerce: Flexible to Access Flexibility of a product can be Judged in two aspects: easy-to use functionality and experience of using it. Since every one of us are flexible to using mobile devices, it is quite easy and comfortable to access online and make payments.With a mobile device, it is easy to login to the various mobile messengers like Yahoo and Talk and the networking platforms. Easy connectivity Another great thing with Mobile Commerce Is, It Is available on an easy connection.

As long as your network signal is available, It Is easy that your mobile devices get connected over to Internet. It not needed to look for modem and Wife connection anymore. Any number of transactions can be made with a single mobile network. Convenience And obviously the convenience! It is obvious that with a handy device via m- commerce, convenience is assured.Wherever you are, with merely few clicks on your mobile device, it is pretty convenient to do shopping, banking and download your favorite media files.

Expansive Target Audience The wider your target audience, the sooner your business growth. Conducting business transactions via Mobile commerce helps in increasing the number of users. By connecting to a larger number of audience you are able to generate higher sales and therewith enjoy Increased profit returns. The advantage of m-commerce Is: 1- providing wider reach. 2- reducing transaction cost 3- streamline business processes. 4- competitive pricing.

The disadvantages of m-commerce. - small screens of most devices still limit types of file and data transfer (I. E. Streaming videos, etc. ) 2- standards guiding applications and technology development and connection(s) 3- WAP and SMS limited to small number of characters and text.

4- use of graphics limited 5- less functionality for mobile Internet over mobile phones and existing generation of handheld than for mobile computers (laptops and next generation handheld) 6- user interface is often difficult to learn how to use 7- limited bandwidth 8- limited roll out of higher bandwidth mobile networks and devices (I. Networks and wireless broadband networks are predominantly located in cities) 9- cost of establishing mobile and wireless broadband infrastructure 10- technology constraints of mobile devices (memory, processing power, display capabilities, input methods) 11- security of data moved across some mobile and wireless networks 12- businesses investment in hardware and infrastructure is seen as riskier as rapid evolution of mobile and wireless technologies continues. Personalization One reason why users fall for mobiles is the personalization option they enfold.Each device is personal to the person who is using it.

With mobile commerce, any user would be able to modify the theme, change the setting, modify the contact information and have the very control of sending emails, e-payments and so forth. Time Saving For making an m-commerce transaction it is not needed that the user needs to plug in his laptop or PC and wait for the system to reload. It is enough that you Just hit a single button on your mobile device. Increasing Productivity The productivity aspect of businesses will certainly witness enhancement with mobile commerce.

It is not possible for an employee of a concern to sit for hours in office and at any time, any instant he would have to leave his office. But, it is not assured that whether the work is done properly or not. With a m-commerce solution, this sort of issues can be over dealt resulting to productivity/sales enhancement. With a handy device on your pocket, it is quite amazing that you can do anything by means of a single technology called Mobile Commerce. Businesses all throughout the world, are rushing over to build mobile APS and their with optimize their business to the various smart phones.