It is always a major life decision to choose to return to college and obtain a graduate degree. Throughout my career I have been setting goals for myself that I could accomplish with the skills and organizational abilities that I already possessed, always looking for the next step in a successful career, but at this point in my life it has become apparent that I cannot accomplish the goals that I have set for myself without first returning to college and obtaining a Masters of Business Administration, and of all of the colleges that I have researched Rice University has the one program that best fits my needs and my goals is the MBA program in Accounting and Entrepreneurship. An MBA would help me develop the skills necessary to succeed in starting and managing my own business, and eventually expanding my business internationally, and the MBA program at Rice University would help me add to the repertoire of skills that I have developed through my current work experience and allow me to grow into the leader and manager that can accomplish great things in the world of business. When I began my career in my current position as Operating Manager at Marble Slab Creamery in Houston, Texas I became instantly aware of the potential for growth that existed within the company as a franchise. In fact, Marble Slab Creamery encourages entrepreneurs who want to think outside the box, who wish to become business owners and managers, and who have a vision for the expansion of the franchise. This vision can only be accomplished with the proper leadership qualities, accountancy training, and business management skills that I can gain through an MBA program, and the MBA program at your university fits the needs that I have for having a successful career as a franchise owner and investor. My goal after obtaining my graduate degree from Rice University is to join the franchise of Marble Slab Creamery and open my own business within the United States as a way of jumping into the role of business owner and manager. Following that, my ultimate goal is to bring Marble Slab Creamery international, opening stores in my native China. There is a great deal of economic growth happening in China, and especially within cities there is a great market for expanding American businesses, like restaurants and stores, and millions of potential customers who are seeing economic growth not only in their country and communities, but within their own households. My understanding of both Chinese and American culture will become an asset because it will help me successfully develop a business plan and follow my goals for long-term overseas investments. Marble Slab Creamery has the potential to become a successful and popular store in China, and it is my hope that after developing the skills, abilities, and leadership growth that I can gain from the MBA program at your university I can move forward in my career and bring Marble Slab Creamery global. By doing so, I hope to be able to gain more financial support from the successful expansion of Marble Slab Creamery to invest in other, bigger business projects, both here and in China. My life and work experiences have allowed me to develop into a strong business and operating manager. My ambition, drive, work-ethic and ability to think outside the box are all assets that are important in accomplishing a great deal in business, both in the United States and internationally. By obtaining a graduate degree from your institution I will be able to build upon the foundation of my own abilities to become a successful business manager, investor, and owner. My strengths will also contribute to the strong environment present at Rice University, and I believe my experience will bring a great contribution to the academic environment and to my fellow students in the MBA program.