Greenery Bank that will not only meet the business's technological needs, but also be reliable for years to come. ; Success Objectives ; In order to successfully meet the business goals and needs of Greenery Bank, Matrix Design will provide the following services,'perform the following tasks: ; Schedule delivery dates for equipment and components in order to complete the project In a timely manner. ; Install all necessary network devices and hardware at each location.

; Phase each location into the network, allowing time for employees to be trained on the new systems and software. Monitor the network to ensure performance levels are adequate for future growth. ; Provide a transition that will not disrupt current work flow by performing necessary upgrades while offices are closed. ; Provide network maintenance and services for up to one year following the network Implementation to ensure that business needs and goals are being met ; and that the hired It Is familiar with all equipment and software specifications. Project Charter updating the network is essential for your bank to compete with your competitor and for your business to grow.For a bank to grow it needs to stay efficient and secure, with cyber terrorism and identity thieves trying to access any and every bit of Information possible It's Important to have fast and secure networks In order to do your best to stay a step In front of them.

So our goal Is to Install and set up a fast, well secure network for your company, so you can continue to grow and compete in today's market. ; The Individuals that will be Involved In this project would be our team of network administrators, the banks corporate management, and each sites general manager.These groups of associates will get together if any problems occur or if any changes 'OFF from each of the locations should have their own network support team involved in order to communicate and train them on the new system, to address any concerns or problems they may arise in their perspective. ; When the project starts we will want to let the rest of the company that there will be work done on the network, that certain sections of the network may not be accessible or may be down for a certain amount of time.That there may be a few glitches and if anyone experiences something out of the norm, or are having difficulties accessing information to contact an administrator so it can be worked out.

If the system needs to be turned off for a period of time we should contact the customers and let them know that banking and other services will not be able to be processed during this time, if any meetings or appointments were made for this time it is critical to contact them to reschedule. Some of the resources needed in order to complete the project will be the new devices that will be installed at all five locations, new wiring for these locations, the administrator passwords to enter the old system, and good communication from everyone involved. We may need access to highly secure areas of the building and will need to produce a plan to allow this. We will need everyone working with this project to remain in contact with their team leads, updating them on the progress and addressing any problems and concerns. There may be setbacks in this process, we may end up with a faulty piece of equipment, and problems in mapping out the new wiring layout, power outages and weather, and even illness may cause trouble in getting this project done on time. There are many variables involved in the process of a major overhaul like this and these should expected and have plans in place to deal with them.

; When the equipment arrives we should physically check each piece to make sure none look to be broken from the shipping process, we could go as far as to hook some critical pieces to a separate secure network to make sure they operate properly.Also we will have research and investigate the new wiring diagram for the building. To look for roadblocks and problems we may have installing the new cables and to fix them before we are in the installing process. We may want to check to see if the building has a generator or a generator hook-up in order to deal with a power outage. We may not need one on the property permanently during this project but we should know if we have the ability to connect to one if needed and to reserve one if there are any power outages or major weather predicted in the future.

We should also have multiple personnel with similar skill sets and same accesses in order to prepare for someone getting ill, this would allow us to continue with some kind of progress until hat person returns. This way the project won't completely stall out and there can still be work getting done. The project will start on April 1st 2014, this is when we will start to discuss and layout the network plan, that week we will do a preliminary walk threw of the sites and May 13th we will have another meeting on the progress we are making.At this point we should be halfway completed, we will analyze were we stand and develop a plan on how to finish the project on time as well as discuss any concerns the group has. June 24th is our scheduled launch date. In between these dates, at the end of each week group leads are to contact each other by phone or email and discuss where they stand on the project and to get advice, communicate any concerns or differences they may have, and to Just stay informed with the project.

It is important that the leads stay in contact more frequently because they are the ones on the line, actually working with the systems and will be ones taking over once the project is done. They will be the ones letting other employees know when the systems are not working and are down and letting customers know when they will be closed for the upgrade. At the end of each month we will have conference calls with the owners and corporate managers to give a progress report and discuss any ideas and opinions they may have.Once the project is complete your bank will offer the quickest transfer speeds and the most current security protection available.

You will be able to handle a larger load of traffic inside you bank and process information traffic more efficiently. Allowing to do this will keep you ahead of you competitors and will give you room to grow your company, allowing you to process information faster will allow you to save mime whether its cutting time in processing deposits and withdraws, transferring legal documents, or getting information requests.Change management plan Event Trigger for change An acquisition or merger A need to create synergies New laws and regulations Trigger updated compliance systems and processes A change personnel A need for education and communication A need for improved revenue or curtailed costs processes Poor performance New agreements with venders or customers Disaster Relief Plan We decided to partner up with another small banking company to obtain and follow through with our disaster relief plan.In case of any disaster, which left our banking location unavailable to our customers, they could go to the other banking companies action to fulfill t heir banking needs 'e.

Transfers, check deposits, and account information. They would not be able to deposit or withdraw cash on the premises, but we have plenty of Tam's for their needs in those areas.We would also be waiving some ATM fees that we deem necessary in accordance with this plan. We would need to disperse company owned devices (laptops) to our personnel that would be going to these sister branches to fulfill the needs of our customers. Those computers would be linked to our servers and would enable the work to be done remotely.