Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is portrayed in the movie, Groundhog Day. Maslow’s hierarchy states that as lower level needs get satisfied, a person develops or realizes more needs or higher level needs. The movie is about Phil, the protagonist, who wakes up every morning realizing that he is reliving the same day over and over. He demonstrates his way up to the pyramid of needs. First, he recognizes his physiological needs. He stays in a small inn for lodging where he also eats breakfast. After fulfilling his physiological needs, he develops the need for safety. The next day, he stays back in town to avoid the blizzard, which he didn’t do the day before. Upon fulfilling his safety needs, his social needs emerge. He encounters an old friend from high school and invites her for a date. He also tries having several drinks with Rita to make the conversation perfect and impress her. In addition, he tries getting to know everyone in town. As his social needs get fulfilled, his needs grow to the next level, which is his esteem needs. He tries to make his day a different one by helping everyone he sees who needed help. He learns new things such as ice sculpturing and piano. Once his esteem needs are satisfied, he develops self-actualization needs. He tries to develop himself by being the savior in town. He tries to save an old man by bringing him to the hospital and giving him food. He also tries to save a young boy from falling from a tree and save an old man from choking. The movie, clearly illustrates Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.