Samsung note produces smartness for the blind people where they can manage contacts, using speech Input to send text messages and tag previous routes or hazards using navigation APS Laptops off-the-shelf laptop computers equipped with screen-access technology or specialized devices for the blind, often referred to as undertakers or personal data assistants Audio books which is play on special playback equipment Special gadgets such as B-Touch Mobile Phones, Braille Rubin Cube, Safe andSanitary Mug, The Eye Stick - Walking Stick that Sees, Tactile Flash Cards for Learning, Feel the Time, Sign Language Vole Translator, Navigation Bracelet, Touch Color Painting Tablet, Color Sensor Helps See with Sound, Braille Polaroid Camera and others.

Setting advertisement budget. What should be the infomercial and how to script the advertising message? What should contain advertising communication that it has worked most effectively increase sales? Design advertisement and product packaging .....

Advertising Design - this Is the beginning of its creation, the first stone. Certainly one of the important and crucial moments because of the appearance, layout, colors, and other nuances of the design depends on how many responses to ad your company. And as for the product packaging the seller tells the buyer about the benefits of the product, status, recognition in the category, as well as enhancing loyalty and helping to make a choice. The four main criteria successful package - this recognition, functionality, uniqueness. Navigation. Scheduling advertising.

Exhibitions and technology fairs I can communicate with potential customers, suppliers and subcontractors , who are interested in information and networking ,you keep track of market trends and evaluate the position of the enterprise market , I can present my product, exchange information with other disciplines , draw rational ideas in the behavior of competitors and study them policy, analyze the responses of visitors about quality, prices, products, services firm and Its products, services to Its mall competitors and also carry out large-scale promotional activities to promote products exhibitor services using a variety of means Forecasting product's sales and demand.Sales forecasting provides the basis for comparison over a period of time. Government and political policies (subsidy) Government helps small businesses go through a period of formation in the market. For example: - Simplification of the rules for registration of firms - Reduction of Income taxes In the early years of the company, - Issuance of guarantees to banks to the new firm could get a loan - Business consulting specialized government agencies. Track and evaluate product and market activities, noting the changes to improve our product.