The British Institute of Management defines the marketing research as the objective adhering, recording and analyzing of all facts about problems relating to the transfer provide the five basic questions-?who, what, when, where and when. In practice, managers can conduct a research to understand what its target market needs and wants as well as how is its business performance by primary data.

Importantly, collecting and analyzing the data is a systemic method to identify customers' views.The marketing research is classified as market research, sales research, product research, advertising research, business economics and motivation research. Thus, it acclimates making marketing strategies and decisions towards marketing targets. 2. How data/information can be used to make better marketing decision? Decision making refers to a choice among alternative courses of action. It has four distinct steps: identifying a problem or opportunity, defining the problem or opportunity, identifying alternative courses of action and selecting a specific course of action.

Information aids the manager in decision-making process. For instance, managers need a type of information to aid in recognizing problems and opportunities. This is attitudinal data which are predictive of sales behavior by comparing attitudes toward competing brands. When attitudes towards a company's product are less favorable than before, the attitudinal information provides managers awareness of the existence of a potential problem. So, information collected through research is helpful for managers to have a better understanding of customers' behavior and their needs. 3.

How members of your group collected the questionnaire data? What methods were employed? Any interesting anecdotes? Because we decide to set up our business in Lugubrious, the members of our group went to the town centre to collect the questionnaire data from the passengers. We focus on collecting the female passengers due to our products mainly aim at the female customs. Because the questionnaire we made is very easy to comprehend and will not take much time to answer, we Just directly ask the passengers to help us fill the questionnaires. Many of the respondents are very nice and willing to help us.

During the task, we met a bad weather in the street. It is cold and windy outside the street. Once, a sudden wind blow away the questionnaires in one of our members' and, all members of our group have to help her to pick up the flying away questionnaires. However, some of the questionnaires still lost and we have to fill more questionnaires again. 4. What difficulties (if any) were faced by your group members in collecting questionnaire data? Most of respondents are willing to help us to fill in questionnaires when has been told those for our academic studies.

However, the problem is that they are usually not quite clear about the meaning of questions although we have given them some explanation. Thus, it might mislead respondents to answer questions and affect the reliability of questionnaire data. To improve this situation, we have to not only explain our objective of the questionnaire in detail but also choose some special places such as bus stop and restaurant where respondents 5. In retrospect, what could you have done to improve the data collection process? Taking an overview of our research process, we generally conduct data collection in forms of questionnaires.

In order to received more reliable statistics, although it is required to complete four questionnaires each, we decided to distribute 25 questionnaires per member to research. However, conducting statistics only by answering such kind of paper will never be sufficient. Actually, except for wasting time, sometimes the forms are returned incomplete and incorrect. Thus, for wilder survey bases, we consider other mediums like email or online survey as more proper and reliable methods. Online survey is effective not only for the fact that it saves time but also for its strong function that targeting considerable respondents in variety types.Besides, conducting survey close to the consuming units could also be regarded as an effective way.

Only by understanding consumer's requirement can provide proper services to meet their needs. 6. What were the views of respondents on the questionnaire data collection? Respondents present their support for the questionnaire of our academic studies about marketing although most of them do not think it is a quite effective method to our studies. The reason may be too many commercial questionnaires in their lives make them feel bothered.

Especially, it often happens that whether people are willing to help you finish questionnaires depend on the time. So it is important for us not to give too many questions. Actually, more respondents suggest that it should be better to survey in Internet through Email or other methods, which not only could save time but also seems to be more effective and efficient. Course Work Section II S.

H. E% Chocolate Shop Abstract: The aim of this marketing report is to develop the Marketing Mix for the proposed business venture. As acting marketing consultants, our group selects a chocolate shop as a business proposal given to the investors.