According to Line and Runway, in the capitalist segment there have been countless studies that argue that customer service has a direct correlation to employee Job satisfaction and productivity, the same is said in the international arena for hospitality (Line & Runway, 2012, p. 478). As with many of the international hospitality emergent, customer and employee interaction defines the profitability and sustainability of the company.

World travelers look for impeccable service with all of the attributes of a bed and breakfast (Olsen, Cahoots, & Sahara, 2001 According to Brawl and Butts, "guests actively eek superior quality, customized yet consistent hospitality experiences which integrate a subtle culture specific novelty with a certain acceptable level of service and product quality' (Barbarian & Butt, Challenges for the global hospitality Industry: an HRS perspective, 2012, p. 55). This sets the standards high for employees and management. In accordance with the standards of the international hospitality brands, Bellman is recommended to pursue a luxury branding for their entry into India. This will entail in depth training and qualification standards.

Conduct a market evaluation by researching what companies in the relevant market are providing to employees from a total compensation perspective.Currently India does not have minimum wage set by the government, although this is expected to change in the near future, it does present a challenge for companies wishing to expand into the area. Due to the changes in the international travelers and hospitality consumers Into the region India has a shortage of trained and efficient employees. The area Is also being Impacted due to the aging population, which shrinks the rent labor force.

This means that the trailing costs and employee turnover rate Is a significant factor in the India market. According to Bargain and Butt, competitors of this region have begun to put set company policies for minimum wage standards. International companies have implemented competitive pay standards, incentive and benefit programs, productive and safe work environments, and the ability to advance within the company (Bargain & Butt, Challenges for the global hospitality industry: n HRS perspective, 2012, p. 58).

Training has also been a key determinant in the success and customer satisfaction with international hospitality companies. The ability of the employees to deliver a luxury and home-like experience to the consumer Is the foundation for success in the International arena. References Barbarian, S. , & Butt, N. (2012). Challenges for the global hospitality industry.