Ramsey The television commercial that I have chosen to analyze is made by Dunking' Donuts featuring Derek Ramsey. At a glance, the commercial starts with Derek Ramsey walking into a regular Dunking' Donuts shop. Without surprise, the server ogles him walking Into the shop and towards her In slow motion, enhanced by a sexy, sultry cacophonic beat backdrop. When Derek reaches the counter and asks the comically aroused cashier for the price of a dozen donuts, she takes 100 pesos off the original price (from phi to phi) t her discretion.

She is so engrossed in Derek Ramset's beauty that it appears that by his good looks alone he gets a massive discount. At the end of the commercial a narrator says that, "you don't need to look like Derek Ramsey to avail a dozen donuts for 199 pesos". In a 49-second commercial, Dunking' Donuts (or its advertisement partner) embed cultural, value, and generational marketing strategies which target mostly the young to mature B, C and D segments of the Philippines.As seen In the commercial, a seemingly straightforward encounter with a celebrity senates a feeling of being the chosen one' or ' the lucky few' that reflects highly on Philippine society.

In the context of a country In which 56% of the country population earns below pH, 000/ annum (taken from lecture notes), many people find 'escape' in television. It then becomes a fantasy for many to meet the celebrity in which they have found entertainment from. In this light we can then observe the 'power celebrities have in the Philippines in influencing consumer behavior.Above Derek Ramset's good looks and built body he is an idol and therefore a role model. Personally, when my idol (Tiger Woods) started playing golf after a long rest period, I did too! To a certain extent I believe the endorsement of Derek Ramsey eating a Dunking' Donuts adds value to the product.

Knowing the Filipino psyche in this way has enabled the marketers and producers of this advertisement to not only 'hook' Its viewers but also to give them the perception of added value to a regular product.Value marketing Is another strategy employed In the advertisement. The reduction of price from phi to Phil 99 appeals to a consumer's sense of value. Again, given he context of Filipinos and their buying power, phi is considered a large price reduction, especially in a commodity that can be considered price elastic. The reduction in price entices consumers further when it becomes lower than that of other donuts products like Crispy Creme or J.

Co.In my opinion, the marketers of this advertisement have successfully targeted its consumers with the knowledge that a phi is Just the right kind of persuasion. Purposefully employed by Dunking Donuts, their use of generational marketing reflects the market segment In which the company appeals to. The advertisement captures a cone of the store In which Its' customers appear to be catching a break from work, or In the middle of a date.

It also features Derek Ramsey who Is dressed In casual attire.Seeing the scene as a whole, it directly speaks to those who have the spare time to come to a Dunking' Donuts branch to enjoy a donuts and be surrounded by people like yourself. In search for this commercial I have observed that all good advertisements use a multitude of marketing tools to entice a consumer into becoming a customer. And while these tools' are theoretically identical, each advertisement has its own creative execution and interpretation of them.