In the article “Pow! Romance! Comics Court Girls” by Matthew Phillips, it features the comic company’s new market. Male readers have always been the comics company’s target market for the past several years. Commonly, the main character portrays the strength of male gender. In the launching of the new comic series, "The Plain Janes", "Re-Gifters", "Clubbing," DC Comics set a new target market, which are the female readers. It is a big opportunity to expand the possible customers for their market. Their market strategy is that they made the titles more appealing to the women. They based it on fantasy and romantic storylines to get girls’ attention. They emphasized female strength and their interests. By this strategic move, comic-book industry had their most significant growth. The Diamond Comics rose their sales to a 15% increase while Marvel Entertainment's publishing-segment revenue -- which includes sales to booksellers and comic shops -- rose 17% to $108.5 million. This market strategy is very advantageous for both parties. It provides materials for the female readers and also an additional market implying additional income for the company. The benefit of the market expansions is advantageous not only to the customers but more importantly to the company itself. The “Nolan Ryanx Pitches Virtues of U.S. Beef To Dubious Japanese” written by Amy Chozick, was all about the campaign on how to win back the Japanese customers on buying U.S. beef products. It has been very evident that the demand for beef had decreased since it was banned in Japan at 2003 due to the outbreak of mad-cow disease. It was a big challenge since there is a huge decrease in market and also competition was intensified. Japanese ordered more than 50% of their beef from Australia. By using a promotional strategy on the declining market, their market sales had been saved. Baseball legend Nolan Ryan was made as a campaign model. The slogan "Beef makes you strong!" was thrown during a ceremonial first pitch during a baseball game at  A concession stand called the "American Meat Booth" sold boxes filled with American beef and featuring Mr. Ryan's photo in the meat aisles at major grocery stores under in Chiba, a Tokyo suburb, last month. The campaign starring Mr. Ryan was featured in more than 2,000 different beef-related promotions over a three-month period. Once the problem was identified, promotional strategies (advertising campaign) are useful in uplifting the image of the product (U.S. beef) to the customers (Japanese consumers). Using Nolan Ryan, a well-known pitcher, as the endorser has a big impact on the Japanese since Japan is fond of baseball. He is also a credible person in line with meat knowledge since he also has his own cattle farm. In effect of this campaign, the American beef monthly sales had been doubled according to Philip Seng, president of the Denver-based federation. The cost of the promotion has not been stated but the ideal is that it should be relatively lower than the revenue. He admitted that there is a lot more to do to regain the past demand, after the sudden decline in sales due to the negative connotation of the mad-cow outbreak, but as their sales imply, the promotional campaign can be said successful.