In order for organizational Authority to be successful, there are certain characteristics that managers must display.

The first characteristic Is Accountability. For example, at T-Mobile call center a cars reports to a team leader, who reports to the supervisor. If the cars rep in consistently reporting Incorrect information, then you can follow the hierarchy of organizational authority to determine who is responsible for the errors. The cars supervisor may be approving customer payments by miscalculation, or the team leader may be overlooking a problem with a computer error during dally summaries.

The key point would be to find the point of error, fix It and use it as an opportunity for the responsible person to learn from the incident. Guidance is also an important characteristic of organizational authority. Employees look to managers to help expand ongoing skills, improve performance, and help with business direction. With organizational authority, an employee understands who they are to receive guidance from.

Employee direction should happen at all levels of a company which is why proficiency at all levels of the corporate authority is Important.Guidance also provides a comprehensible career path for employees. Managers should use this career path to help employees determine their career goals and how they would like to advance to higher positions within the company. Communication is the most important attribute of organizational authority. A chain of command helps establish a resourceful communication path between employees, and other departments within a company.

At T-Mobile, the manager of each department becomes the "spokes person", and any Information to be relayed to their department Is first given to them.The manager will then either relay the Information themselves or pass it on to the team leader. This confirms that information can be effectively spread through managers rather than trying to contact each employee. A Corrupt in Organizational authority Within any company one can expect there to be problems in organizational authority. Management lopsidedness, little to no communication, the unwillingness to change are all problems that can corrupt an organizational authority.

For example, K-Mart Is large company that has several managers who oversee operations and production within a store.A corruption of management occurs when one manger oversees more job duties than others causing uneven management. Therefore, the manager will not be effective with direction of their division. Communication may also become an issue when a dealing with an International organizational authority, because It will important to maintain flexibility to meet current business needs. A company that has a strict organizational authority will not adjust quickly to the product and demands of heir customers.