In early days AY Tale was involved in manufacturing small home appliance targeting one region of Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and now in recent years company expand his manufacturing plants to across the four regions of Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and become one of large home appliance manufacturer in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and always been a company that stands ready to improve the quality of people's everyday life by offering products and information regarding home and life improvement products to its existing and new loyal customers.There are many local products were used before at home and offices to purify the air pollution and AY Tale local air cooler was one of those products. Selected product is new and innovated which recently launched in local consumer market and this product is one of necessity/needed solution for resident to live pure healthy life and to create and maintain clean atmosphere in their houses and offices.As one of the leaders company in AKA home appliance industry, AY Tale has proven once again its creativity by introducing a product line "CAREER AIR PURIFIER" which employs the mass customization concepts to ensure that each customer's specific needs are met.

So now, the question is why did I choose this product? What is special about it compared to similar commodities available in market?The answer is simple, its value for money. 1. 1 Aim of assignment. The aim of this assignment is to analyze and figure out strategic planning about the new product launch from a marketing perspective, in order to recommend some ideas on how AY Tale can realize and utilize its company goals through Career Air purifier. 1.

2 Products necessity in local market.Dust and odors are generated in every home done in recent survey of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia showed that there are 10-20% of the children between 7-12 years of age suffering from bronchial asthma and almost 24% population is having asthma problems in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to dust and polluted air which is quite significant percentage and an even a higher percentage of local resident are experience in allergic rhinitis.Today, the environments of most gulf cities especially Riyadh and surrounded areas are dusty and having air pollution due to nature of region which causing the students suffering and facing lot of breathing skin allergies and health problems. Keeping mention issues in mind there are many local manufacturing companies started producing products which give relief to local residents from dust and polluted atmosphere and to live healthy life. 1. 3 Features and characteristics.

In brief the product I have selected for my marketing assignment is recently introduced by AY-Tale Corporation who is one of top ten AKA local manufacturers in electronics of home appliances market and the product launched is Career Air Purifiers. Selected "Career Air Purifiers" is innovated item and ideal solution for people carry pets, all age peoples with breathing issue, smoker to eliminate indoor smoking odors from rooms and offices, cooking smells and same time it is useful product for all age peoples.Career Air purifier is user friendly with powerful air cleaning streamline design and soundless in operation. It carry better technology than HEAP at capturing airborne particles 99.

9% of large airborne allergens like pollen, mold and dust mite debris state-of-the-art filter life analyzer recognizes gradual changes and displays a warning signals when time to change the filter and TTS Ideal and its coverage in rooms is up to 350 square feet three fan speeds.Career air purifiers do especially well at filtering pollutant particles such as dust, tobacco smoke, and pollen, volatile organic compounds (Voss) and other types of gaseous pollutants. 2. 0 Marketing strategies.

As for marketing, advertisement is most probably one of the most important key factors. We observed from many advertisements that they are all having some kind of commercials, however, the air pollution is related to public issues for all human people, so we can make public service advertisements not only for the sales but also or calling all related departments and organizations and humans to protect our environment.The plan is not only to put this product on TV advertisement and Internet it also been planned to use on road side billboards and places like public especially in schools, hospitals, government departments, old age care houses and government transportations, for example on the and school buses and taxis. And next step is to do some programs for public social welfare, as products is specifically for houses and offices and marketing strategic plan is to attract our target customers and first thing is to establish a strong image in public so we can spread the product into every families.To make big spread out of company's innovated product we will offer some free and special discount units to social welfare locations like schools, Massifs and old people houses.

And I will offer a user friendly policy related to my new launch, some of them are as following. 2. 1 Proactive marketing. Offered 14 days product satisfaction guarantee.

Focus on marketing to parents with children living at home. One year free service offered. Using customer testimonials to answer "why choose us" 2. 2 Promotional strategy.

As 5 As are a set of recognized marketing tactics, which I will use in combination to satisfy my customers in my targeted market. Product: My selected product is having special and unique features which are ideal solution for surrounded environment and useful for all age people. Price: As price of any new product launch is key element in its successfulness. Therefore as study done by cooperation on prices of similar commodities available in market and decided to keep affordable and market control/ locked price of this new launch so there will be no competition in price prospective in all outlets and malls.Promotion: Company has introduce/ provide different packages for its target consumers for example single unit with multiple filter cartridges bundle pack with attractive prices and satisfaction guaranteed tags on each packaging. Place: Place/ point of sale is very important pillar of marketing strategy, therefore company targeted to new launch in all iconic outlets and malls located in country and provided the display stands with small theaters to run video of product features and provided the demo units to feel and test the product.

Same time I will offer free units to some main public placed like selected Massifs and Schools to spread out the awareness. People: I prepare complete training material and planned to provide training and related material to sales staff before and during launch to give proper awareness of product at point of sale and services. Same time hired local student to work part time as promoter to educate and provide the products benefits and features to end users. 3.

0 Brand positioning and market share.In order to create a positioning strategy, I myself first identified my brand's uniqueness and determine what differentiates my product from other similar modesties available in competition market. I analysis five key steps to effectively clarify the positioning of my product in the marketplace: 1. As Career air purifier stands first in position in local manufacturer to be introduced in kingdom of Saudi Arabia market. 2. So far till date I have no direct competitor in local manufacturers.

. There are many imported products carry out the similar features in their products but in price prospective they are unable to beat my launch price. 4. Although some international products are with same features and characteristic but Career air purifier is the first one in local manufactured and if I do comparison the features and retail price than my product is value for money. 5. I offering after sale services and running satisfaction guarantee programs to engage my customers.

3. Product Positioning Map The product positioning map of Career air purifier is quite satisfactory, as shown in chart below that I have taken example of the different air purifiers and their position segments in marketing. As shown in chart below. 3. 2 SURVIVAL Attributes Reliability: Offering and performing services right the first time.

Running satisfaction guarantee programs to engage my customers. Proving services with ours time. Error-free maintaining records Empathy Each and every customer is desire attention.Employees who deal with customers will be well trained. Making AY Tale is the Helpful place. AY Tale will hire and build best customer care team.

Responsiveness Keeping customer informed by SMS or phone as to when services will be performed. Mobile and prompt service to customers. Willingness to help the walk in customers. Tangibles All employees will be provided modern and advance equipment.

Visually appealing amenities Well-dressed staff. Assurance Ensuring friendly environment for customers. Ensuring "your satisfaction is guarantee" environment . Market Challenges AY Tale Air Purifiers launch this new product with strategic planning, business has design packing and artwork of work containing complete features and characteristic in local language Arabic as well as in English language same time user manuals were translated in both languages. Where else other brands which are available in local market are containing only English and European languages.

Company offered two year full guarantee on Air Purifiers and utilized all its service centers to provide after sale service which is something new in local market and make huge difference compeering to other competitors. . SOOT analysts In this regard I have done the SOOT analysis as following: STRENGTH: As research developed by team member of this new launch and report says that this product is a having strong marketing position as so far there is other local manufacturer is able to introduce till date similar commodity in local market and same time similar imported product is triple in price and average person can't afford it and it is having big savings opportunities in AKA market.WEAKNESS: As such there is not weakness but Career is not having brand positioning like some other world known brands and some consumer believe and shows their interest in oral know brands and products and less believe in local manufactured products. OPPORTUNITY: As it is one of new and innovated product in local manufactured market so it is having more opportunity saying in public to promote local manufactured products and same time government is providing full support promoting local in-house manufactured products.THREAT: So far there is no such threat to Career air purifier but down to road threat will occur when some local manufacturers will start imitate and start producing similar products with lower quality and performance and same time other international racket will start offering products in lower price prospective.

Same time many air condition manufacture companies are adopting built in air purifiers in their units which are somehow indirect threat to my product. . 0 Communications and advertisement As successful companies always aim to build strong relationships with consumers to retain its consumers as long-term customers and maximize revenue opportunities. I use many different internal and external marketing tools communicate to spread out the awareness of new launch to my loyal and new users. Following are my mass communication platform I am going to use for marketing mix. AdvertisingSales Promotion Events and Experiences Public Relations and Publicity Direct and Interactive Marketing Word-of-Mouth Marketing Personal Selling Packaging-outer Birthday gifts Packs Book Festivals Seminars Telemarketing Blobs Incentive programs Packaging inserts Fairs and trade shows Factory tours Publications Electronic shopping Person-to-person Samples Brochures and booklets Exhibits Football Sports Press kits Catalogs Chat rooms shows Billboards in-store Demonstrations Street activities Charitable donations Mailings Sales presentations Display signs Identity media E-mail Sales meetings Point-of-purchase Company magazine Company blobsFairs and trade displayer Web sites 5.

0 Forecast over the next 5 years Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is emerging as a huge potential market for air purifiers due to rising levels of air pollution and increasing health consciousness among consumers. Moreover, the availability of air purifiers is gradually increasing as companies have started to import and market air purifiers by utilizing their existing AC distribution and sales network. The HEAP based air purifiers are expected to continue dominating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia air purifier market.HEAP is being increasingly used in conjugation with Electrostatic precipitates and Activated Carbon liters.

Technologies such as Plasma cluster Ion technology, None G and Photo catalytic technologies are also expected to grab significant market share during the forecast period. Riyadh, Dharma, Make and Medina would continue to be the major air purifier markets that air purifier players would target in coming years. Leading brands and companies currently operating in the country's air purifier market include Eureka Forbes, Sharp India and Atlanta Healthcare.Down the road in next five years local manufactured Career air purifier will be one of the market adders and corporate already had prepared a big plan for next five year to promote Career air purifier into international market by attending and presenting it into international exhibitions and seminars.

Corporate has additionally launched a campaign in local television promoting Career air purifier and educating local residents about its features and benefits.Corporate additionally start dealing and signing-off the contracts with governments and public sectors for product installation and maintenance for next five years. By this corporate forecasted and planned this Career air purifier to be multimillion product over five years in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 6. 0 Conclusion.

Career Air Purifier is new product under AY Tale manufacturer which provides effective healthy atmosphere to its users.