Our project would not have been successful without the valuable guidance provided by Professor Viewgraph's P who guided us on how to approach the problem and find Its solution. We're also thankful to the Manager of Spence's Store at Bellyacher for his patience and helpfulness in answering our queries.We'd also like to express f thanks to the numerous shop-owners at T. Magna who helped us in conducting the survey. And lastly we thank the various customers, buyers and consumers who readily provided us with their Insights about the products that they used, Survey Location: We surveyed the following locations: * Spence's, Bellyacher Phoenix Mall * T.

Magna Methodology used: First our team decided to choose a specific body part I. E. Hair and then we have listed all the product forms for that body part.Head & Shoulders- reasons for switching to other products 14. Significant Learning HAIR As the study required us to select a body part, hence we have decided to begin this duty from the top; therefore our chosen body part portrays the same I. E.

Hair. As hair today plays a vital role for one to define his personality, hence people have become concerned and conscious about taking right care for them. In today's world, hair care is not only segmented to the women section of the society, but also caters to men of all ages who feel a need to take care of their hair .The same concern has been observed and hence profitably utilized by the hair care industry of today. The hair care industry have not only grown in terms of market revenue and market integration but have also diversified there portfolio offerings. There are many categories of products available in the market today for hair care, catering to different needs and wants, some unisex and some gender specific.

Depending on the targeted segment and positioning almost all of them seem to have found a market for them.We have tried to encompass many of the categories of hair care products available in the market today. Shampoo: Since ages in India we have been using various natural concoctions and soaps to keep our hair clean, the hair care industry as used the same need to create a market for them by bringing in shampoos. This has been a difficult process, because as far as India goes, as we already had many options available for cleaning the hair hence the Shampoo industry had to step further and add value to their product, to make their product's need felt.Today's shampoos are not only limited to the need of cleaning/washing the hair, but they seem to have the power to solve multiple problems, rather cleaning is a presumed and precluded objective.

Today's shampoo focus on things like * Dandruff control * Anti hair fall * Intensive repair * Oil therapy Protein therapy * Color protective Oil: This has also been a traditional product of an Indian house hold, which has been used traditionally as nourishment to the hair; various parts of India have been using various kinds of oils, depending upon the environment.But the usually being restricted to coconut and mustard oil. Hair Oil industry has found their market here too, by segmenting there offerings on the basis of age and usage. The Oil industry has also added value to their products by introducing diverse offerings catering to needs like: * Hair strengthening Oil * Anti - Dandruff oil * Anti - Hair fall oil Light Hair oil * Menthol added oil Conditioner: Conditioner though new to the Indian culture, still the hair care industry has been able to create a market for conditioners in the urban customers.Though this is supplementary when compared to shampoo and oil, still people use it for extra nourishment and smoothening of their hair. There have been many new conditioners that have been introduced in the market today * Anti - hair fall conditioner * Menthol added conditioner * Damage control conditioner * Scented conditioner Color: Though the usage of hair coloring was restricted to elderly with grey hairs, UT in today's generation the Coloring industry has been able to make its need felt for fashion purposes.

People today, even without grey hairs, color, to follow the new trends in fashion.People are going in for coloring to change their natural hair color or to add color streaks. The color industry has though, kept their product portfolio segmented in this case, wherein they have separate products for men and other for women. Hair Gel: This product is mostly used by urban youth, to set and style their hair into different patterns.

Today's hair gel industry has further added alee to their product by bringing in various 'look characteristics to the gel, like neon glow, wet look etc, which has been appreciated and accepted by the market.Hair Spray: They, though not yet that popular in the market, provide an alternative to the hair gel. The advantage of these being that, one can use them after styling, to keep the style of hair in place. Hair Serum: Hair serum is a hair care solution which makes the hair shine and stops it from tangling. It protects the hair from the damages done by overexposure to the sun, hair styling products and chemical colors.

Serums are used for various purposes like air smoothing, growth, conditioning, moisturizing, and hair fall and hair re - growth.