At 1980, the brand's Corporation, USA gave GOLDEN ARCHES RESTAURANTS SAD BAD the license to operate the brand's restaurants in Malaysia. We in Malaysia got our first taste of the brand and Malaysia opened its first restaurant at Clan Bucket Binging, Koala Lump on 29 April 1982. To date, the brand's at Malaysia has more than 200 restaurants located nationwide. Then this is the origin of the brand.

My choice business name Is McDonald's. It Is a fast food Industry. Until now, McDonald's Malaysia has more than 200 restaurants located nationwide.McDonald's operation hours are 24 hours, but some outlets inside the shopping centre are Just 4 hours only because shopping centre operation hours are not 24 hours. McDonald's strategic location Is built the restaurant in the high traffic area. For example some McDonald's outlets are built In the shopping centre, because these shopping centers are the most crowded places.

Another strategic location is built on the high way because some people who want to buy burger then will go McDonald because McDonald's have the drive-thru then can let customers feel more convenient and save time.After that I'm chosen the McDonald's place is at Band Tuna Hussein Non. Band Tuna Hussein Non is a township in 9th-Mile Cheers in Clangor, Malaysia. It was named after the third Malaysian Prime Minister, Tuna Hussein Non. It Is primarily a residential area and near by the secondary school. This location also has the drive-thru for some customers.

McDonald's menus have included the Breakfast, Favorites, Happy Meal, Desserts, Beverages and MacAfee. McDonald's products include the McCracken, Quarter Pounded, Big Mac, Cheeseburger, the Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, the Egg McMullen and Spicy Chicken McGraw.At lunch time 1 ann. - up. M. & dinner time up.

, - up. M. , McDonald have the Macaque Lunch & Dinner for discount some products price for let more customers can have the tasty burgers. Some time, McDonald will develop new different taste burger and toys. Like last time, McDonald were develops the McDonald breakfast & dinner box, CB Burger and Hello Kitty Toys.

After that, McDonald aside from free Wife, can refresh the drink, a children's play area and the drive-thru, in some locations, McDonald's don't offer much In the way of services and other country McDonald's also have the different menus/products for their customers.McDonald restaurant to customer's houses. These all the things are McDonald's products/ services. McDonald in the Tuna Hussies Non, customers demographic is younger persons occupying relatively high. After that, this also suitable for our Muslim consumer to purchase the product, because McDonald's products are without pork. This is because now, these young persons are like to go someplace where the wife has and can eat the taste burger.

These young persons are included like age 16-25, male, Chinese and Malay persons. For example, every Thursday I also have gathering with y friend at McDonald.This is because this location is near by the secondary school, after school 1 p. M.

Some students who are going to McDonald then can get the Macaque Lunch because can get the cheaper price. At dinner time, will more family go to McDonald for their dinner and the Macaque Dinner. Some student and officer who are going McDonald not only the Macaque, because McDonald's has the free wife to let these customers who want to meeting or description. From McDonald, some customer will buy McDonald's product/services because McDonald has the fast service and tasty burger.Sometimes, people who are going McDonald not only Just in order to the tasty burger, also enjoy the comfortable environment, the refresh free drink and the free wife services.

After that, because McDonald has the Macaque Lunch & Dinner, then can let customers use cheaper price and get the tasty burger sets. Next, McDonald also has the drive-thru and the delivery service then can let customers feel convenient. McDonald is not only the fast food business in Malaysia. For example, KEF and Marrowbone are also the fast food business companies then these 2 companies are McDonald's competitors.First, Cuff's product also included burger, but KEF company main product not the burger, is the fried chicken.

Then KEF and McDonald differences are the main product and McDonald can free refresh the drink. At others country, KEF also have the delivery. Second, Marrowbone also selling the same product - burger. But Marrowbone have other different products like NASA Marrowbone, NASA Maya MBA, Mi Kari Maya Green, Chick-O-Rice and Chick Porridge. After that, Marrowbone and McDonald differences services are these, included the drive-thru and McDonald has the Incisively for transport food to customer's houses.

This paragraph is about the McDonald and these 2 competitors differences. McDonald has competitive advantage. First, customers who are going to McDonald can buy the exciting toys and collectibles. But hurry, these toys are available for a limited time only. Second, when customers who are driving car and hungry, customers no need park their car. Then Just can go to McDonald's drive-thru for buy McDonald's products.

Third, if the customers who are have no car for go out have their food, McDonald has the Incisively for transport food from McDonald's restaurant to customer's houses. Revises because let customers can get more tasty products and specially services. Second, change the food price to cheaper because for those low-income customers. Third, is training McDonald's staffs for improve staffs attitude.

After that, my customers can enjoy the tasty food and have the best of services. Then I want to let anywhere also has McDonald's restaurants. As my conclusion, McDonald's is one of the largest and famous fast food companies in the world. McDonald's most of operation time is the 24 hours.

McDonald always builds their restaurant in high traffic area.McDonald also has so many different products. In Malaysia, all Malaysian are also can go McDonald, because McDonald is non-pork then Muslim consumer can purchase those products. McDonald's places have comfortable environment, the refresh free drink and the free wife services. McDonald has a lot of competitors, but McDonald will do the best for their customers. After that, McDonald's In Malaysia, McDonald's competitive advantages are better than others companies.

Last, I hope McDonald's products are healthier, not only the fried food. Thank you for reading, this is my conclusion.