“All managers should be leaders, but not all leaders should be managers. ” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your position. Yes, I agree about that. Let’s talk about what is manager and what is leader first? Manager is someone who coordinates and oversees the work of other people so that organization goals can be accomplished. Leader is someone who can influence others and who has managerial authority. There is difference between leaders and managers. Managing is about efficiency. Leading is about effectiveness. Managing is about how.

Leading is about what and why. Management is about systems, controls, procedures, policies, and structure. Leadership is about trust — about people. Leadership is about innovating and initiating. Management is about copying, about managing the status quo. Leadership is creative, adaptive, and agile. Leadership looks at the horizon, not just the bottom line. How to become a leader, not just a manager? This requires managers to make the appropriate changes and adjustments in the role. This shift consists of three (3) levels: From strategists to "vision"

From the conductor to the storyteller Change from a system builder From strategists to "vision" From this level of the strategy have already seen that a considerable number of managers have their work on how to construct an enterprise system, what kind of way to achieve corporate goals, so they stressed that the strategy and tactics. But today, more emphasis on a vision, it is more important than strategy. Because the strategy itself has a lot of uncertainty, if you try the strategy to attract some followers, often may not be able to achieve their goals.

People how to do things for the leader was not interested, but if the leader to subordinates show a vision is a grand blueprint, this time, people are willing to follow the leader to share this glory. So a good vision, you should have four (4) conditions. ? Ideality A good vision should be consistent with an expectation for the future, has a good incentive. It could create a proud, self-esteem, vitality and a sense of accomplishment. ? Measurable A good vision should have a standard of excellence reflects the height of the ideal. ? Unity Vision to meet the company's history, culture and values agree. Attract An exciting vision can cause widespread concern. In order to facilitate memory, the corporate vision can be expressed in simple language. For example, Sony's vision is to experience the joy of a progress, and the use of the most beneficial technology to the public; Wal-Mart to let ordinary people have the opportunity to buy the same thing with the rich; there we are familiar with Disneyland, their vision is four words: to bring people laughter. Besides this, a good leader must have passion, integrity, trust, curiosity, daring. From the conductor to the storyteller

In fact, the role of adjustment with the first relationship, a strategic leader in the layout of the tasks is ordered. Vision type of leader is not the same; he in fact is induced in a source of inspiration to achieve their goals. The leader said that the vision of style, way of communicating instead of command. Of course, this also requires some skill. Tell a story of leadership often heartwarming story to inspire the morale of the staff, even under the embrace of vision, but in turn if the story you speak do not have anything interesting you would be very difficult to encourage a group of people to achieve the target.

In fact, the best story is about some of the problems of your own, including some of your personal problems, including some of the issues in your organization, including your own experience, that is, from the nature of the problem. For example, who you are today in what the status, the future of enterprise is what kind of goals to be reached. These problems can be a reflection of the leader's way of thinking and values; it is to face reality and a vision of the future vision.

But the storyteller has it must pay attention, that is to do practice what they preach. Change from a system builder This shift is related in front of the two elements. If the leader is the spread of ideas is well known, we are already familiar with, that does not require you to do. In this sense, one of the important responsibilities of a leader lies in change and innovation. To play a creating and destroying the role, undermine the purpose is to create better. ------------------------------------------------- Panasonic – A success story in developing leaders

Konosuke Matsushita Panasonic electrical products in the world market have long been famous at home and abroad the business community as the "god of management" company founder Konosuke Matsushita. Now, Matsushita Electric Corporation has been included in the ranking among the world’s 50 largest companies, we can see that its strength is strong, the huge business empire. Panasonic has been able to today, is inseparable from and Matsushita well managed and well run. He is a visionary leadership’s leader. Matsushita Electric Corporation, with about the same time, founded by the U.

S. General Motors Corporation, telegraph and telephone companies are to compare, you will find these companies due to lack of vitality and fall on the Panasonic can be said that an important factor in the success of Matsushita Electric Corporation “spiritual values" at work. The Matsushita’s provisions of the company’s activities are: "a clear understanding of the responsibility of the industrialist, to encourage progress and promote the welfare of society as a whole, is committed to the prosperity and development of world culture.

At the same time, Matsushita Electric Corporation using the Reward Power means the power to give positive benefits or reward to the employee/ staff. The proposal bonus system is very unique company not only positive and encouraging employees to the company at any time suggestions, and election by the workers set up a committee to promote the provision of construction, wide staff call to receive good results. The Matsushita Basic Business Philosophy consists of three elements.

Basic Management Objective – expresses the corporate goals of the company: “Recognizing our responsibilities as industrialist, we will devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life throughout the world. " Company Creed – expresses the basic attitude of employees to their daily work: “Progress and development can only be realized through the combined efforts and cooperation of each employee of our company.

United in spirit, we pledge to perform our corporate duties with dedication, diligence and integrity. " The Seven Principles – set the standard for the employees' proper mental attitude for their daily work: Contribution to society; Fairness and Honesty; Cooperation and Team Spirit; Untiring Effort for Improvement; Courtesy and Humility; Adaptability; Gratitude. - Outstanding leadership to wake up the others inherent life. - From life in order to generate an endless supply of creativity and economic outcomes. -------------------------------------------------

Intel's Leadership Intel's president and chief executive Andy Kleen, inevitably he excels in the management of often saying: "we have to do is to let employees have a negative emotional and sabotage state. Indeed, as an outstanding leader is not a simple matter, following consolidate the excellent leadership of the 10 from all walks of life, to experience their "authority of the secret". Facing a tough challenge As the term of the new leadership took office, will certainly face a variety of challenges, "A new broom sweeps clean", this fire burning up is not an easy thing.

Not familiar with the original system under the mismatch, but also deal in all kinds of relationships which, without a certain courage of your convictions is difficult to withstand such pressure, according to the analysis of these experienced leaders to do The first thing is to get rid of this fear of hardship, see the situation as soon as possible to control their own location, and clearly understand what is the first thing to do, then, face the facts, take the initiative! Purification team As a leader, to let subordinate their own produce the psychology of a trust.

Is the first to establish a style. Central figure should have a strong sense of responsibility can guarantee that the team is a problem when the courage to take responsibility. Often subordinate to the higher level of psychological feelings are built on the basis of mutual trust and rely on. Establish their own authority, began to ensure that their rights must be subordinate to an affirmation. Malicious "dissidents" is to eliminate certain from the team which you cannot leave remnants, Mathias both, reward and punishment. Actively communicate

Have always believed, did not solve the problem. But the ways and means of communication cannot be ignored. Outstanding leadership has never been good at using the medium of e-mail and the like, they were convinced that face-to-face communication is the most reliable and effective. Location usually in the coffee shop, or relaxing cafes. Remember that the exchange is not alone the speech, mutual communication is the key. Was not an easy topic in a relaxed environment with a relaxed tone, to explore, have the effect may be beyond the imagination!

To maintain self- A lot of leadership in order to coordinate the whole team members' views into the first. This way of thinking and ideas and there are no errors, however, should always be borne in mind, he is the soul of the whole team. Should always keep the self. Not because of other worries slowly losing principle. Abraham Lincoln is an immortal, the great leader of his political enemies all the time. However, no matter how those who oppose him, he is still convinced that the concept of the North-South reunification can not be changed.

Most a firm and an excellent leader and mastermind, do not lose self is to ensure the realization of the fundamental self-worth! Most managers would like to evolve into leaders, but relatively few do. For managers to evolve into leaders, they must develop six essential attributes as enumerated by the motivational guru John Di Frances. These are creating and sharing a vision, setting high standards, living those high standards and mentoring those who follow, making hard choices where necessary, being visible and out front and instilling hope in those who follow.

These attributes are not inherited, nor are people born with them; they are battle scars earned from experience and proven in the time of adversity. Managers who go through this trial by fire acquire these attributes and evolve into effective leaders who have a deep commitment to their cause and the best interests of others uppermost in their mind. Managers typically focus on getting things done and are evaluated on the results they produce on measurable lines. They are the movers amongst the organization and play the role of multipliers who help steer the company's course.

The unquantifiable element in a manager's role is that of leadership- and this makes them most effective in producing results which are long term sustainable and repeatable. A good leader ensures the progress of the team and business interests before him. He places his focus on what needs to be done. His thinking is strategic and focused on objectives. And once he sets the course he motivates, mentors and empowers his team to walk ahead bringing out their best while he walks behind in support of their efforts. Conclusion A good leader must have passion, integrity, trust, curiosity, daring.

The Matsushita Basic Business Philosophy. Recently, I watched a movie a about The Pursuit of Happiness. This movie is a few years old ago. However it is as awesome as ever! Based on the true story of Chris Gardener who goes through a series of soul-sickening failures and defeats, missed opportunities and screw ups to not let anything stop him… to not complain and let any considerations get in his way… in the end he succeeds… wow, very inspiring. The Pursuit of Happiness is a part of Leadership Movies, a series of films with leadership themes. In that movie, I learn 2 things that are: - . Persistence is key Although Chris faced many setbacks in the movie, he never stopped trying. His persistence gave him success eventually. 2. Have hunger for success Chris had extreme hunger for success in his life, and it contributed to his persistence. He had lost everything in his life, and it was his hunger to get out of the rut that brought him to his eventual success. Total Word: 2177words References LEADERSHIP LESSONS Charlie’s Blog 2011 http://web. me. com/calter/Site/Blog/Entries/2011/12/26_Leadership_Lessons. html 3 pieces of advice or traits

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