December, 2005 MS95 (S) : RESEARCH METHODOLOGY FOR MANAGEMENT DECISIONS Time: 3 hours Maximum Marks: 100 (Weightage 70%) Note : (i) This paper contains two sections, Section A and B. Section A contains five questions. Attempt any four questions from this section. Section B is compulsory (ii) Statistical tables may be provided. (iii) Use of own non-programmable calculator is allowed. SECTION A 1. A local supermarket has experienced a decline in unit sales and little change in rupee value sales.

Profits have almost vanished. The chief executive in searching for ways to revitalize the operation, was advised to increase the number of hours the market is open for business. He comes to you for advice in structuring a research problem that will provide relevant information for decision making, Define the research problem taking care to : (15) (a) state the relevant question. (b) enumerate the alternative answers. (c) clearly define the units of analysis and characteristics of interest. 2. A sample may be large yet worthless because it is not random; or it may be random but unreliable because it is small. " Comment upon the above statement and explain the importance of sampling in daily life. (15) 3. What do you understand by factor analysis ? Mention the purpose and uses of factor analysis. (15) 4. What are the seven elements of communication, which are relevant for making a presentation ? Discuss. (15) 5. Write short notes on any three of the following : (15) (a) Objective characteristics and Inferred characteristics (b) Editing of primary data c) Operating and Strategic decisions (d) Ordinal Scale (e) Audio-visual aids in presentation of reports SECTION B 6. Describe the semantic differential scale. Use the semantic differential technique to develop the profile of three television manufacturing companies in India. (20) 7. A random sample of 30 students obtained the following marks in a class test : (20) Test the hypothesis that their median score is more than 50. 58 55 25 32 26 85 44 80 33 72 10 42 15 46 64 39 38 30 36 65 72 46 54 36 89 94 25 74 66 29