The role of organization management and structure cannot be underscored. These variables influence the success of the organization. Various organizations such as Detmold Packaging Group reflect the application of these factors within its organization.

The Detmold Packaging Group is an Australian firm that specializes in packaging solutions for various products. In addition, the firms produce unique products for various clients (Detmold Packaging, n.d). I had the opportunity to interview the firm’s chief information officer who is a top line manager. This paper gives the summary of various aspects of the firms such as culture, organization structure and leadership elements.

Detmold Packaging Company has been in operation for more than 60 years. Since its establishment, the firm has grown into an international company with various divisions across the world. The age and size of the firm has shaped its culture in various ways. Because of its size and age of the firm, the organization culture has grown to integrate various cultures that characterize the organization and coordination of functions across the entire cooperation. Notably, Detmold Packaging Company has improved its communication structure by simplifying the flow on information across its operations and interaction. This is a concept referred to as power culture.

As indicated during the interviewee, the interviewee indicated that e spends most of his time coordinating his staff. Certainly, his actions tie to the above culture.Detmold Packaging Company has a striking culture that has made it one of the oldest companies in the packaging industry. The firm has a strong culture that is characterized by proper coordination of firms’ activities, simplified communication channels and flexible decision making process. Indeed, this is a strong culture given that it contributes to the overall success of the company. It is believed that a strong culture is one that has a positive effect on the performance of employees (Daft, 2009).

From the interview, it is apparent that the interviewee plays a central role in ensuring that all his subordinates carry out their work effective and communicate during their work. Organizations are identified by their goals and their commitment in meeting them. Detmold Packaging Company has a number of business goals that are well designed and aligned with the companies activities. The organization goals of the firm encourage employees to interact and share ideas critical in meeting their business objectives. In addition, the organization design of the firm allows individuals to communicate across all levels of management. Most important, the firm has a decentralized structure.

Because of the centralized structure, the firm’s employees can communicate and share ideas from the bottom too the top. Formalization has been described by the degree of rigidity in decision making, as well as other process (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011). Formalization has allowed the organization to allow diverse ideas and culture that have been seen as central in meeting the goals of the firms. This has been possible given that the firms believe that its workers are a valuable resource.Detmold Packaging Company exhibits an organic structure.

This is revealed by the fact that the firms employees firms work together, as well as coordinating their tasks. Presence of mutual adjustments and verbal communication among the employees underscores the organic structure of the company. Moreover, the firm has a team based structure, which allows the entire organization to work as teams that interact with its customers to meet their needs. Most important, Detmold Packaging Company has instituted various motivation programs that are meant to identify and recognize employees who excel in their work. With various opportunities for employees to see their abilities by redesigning tasks and avoiding repetitions, the employees of the firm have been improved. The interviewee is a leader given his commitment to influence the behavior of his staff.

His effort to work with workers makes him a renowned leader with delegate style leadership who relies on the acceptance he receives from the employees to lead in the firm.