Mainstream Society In the poem I am Joaquin written by poet/writer Rodolfo Gonzales portrays how his culture battles but still survive in todays mainstream society. Gonzales knows that his ancestors lost the economic battle, but still managed to survive culturally. He also understands that he must fight so the future can be bright for his sons and he must let them know how hard it was to be where he is now.

Gonzales is pleased that he hasnt been trapped in todays mainstream society and that he is not ashamed because of his heritage background. Gonzales also writes about how he endures in a society that brings him down because of his cultural background.Gonzales wants his kids to understand how his ancestors struggled but endured to survive culturally. Gonzales acknowledges that his bloodlines remained culturally even though losing the battle economically, so he must fight to bring hope for the future, I must fight and win this struggle for my sons and they must know from me who I am.

Gonzales wants the future to understand where they came from and how there was struggle for the future. Gonzales writes, I have endured in the rugged mountains of our country. My fathers have lost the economic battle and won the struggle of cultural survival. Gonzales knows thats his ancestors lost the battle, but that dosent matter because Gonzales is so proud that he is still here to fight.Gonzales writes, I am still here, it shows how he has endured and that his culture is still here.

Gonzales is very proud that he has survived living in todays society, I am the masses of my people and I refuse to be absorbed. Gonzales also shows how he refuses to be acknowledged as someone else but as himself. He is happy with his culture, La Raza! Mejicano! Espanol! Latino! Hispanio! Chicano or whatever I call myself, I look the same, I feel the same, I cry and sing the same. My faith unbreakable, my blood is pure.

Gonzales faith is so strong that it has endured through all of his struggles and his blood is pure.Gonzales continues to survive even though being put down by society. Gonzales explains how he and his culture endure with everything stacked up against them. He also writes that caught up in all the bewilderment he and his people will live perpetually. Gonzales writes, Caught up in the whirl of a gringo society. Part of the blood that is mine has labored endlessly for four hundred years under the heel of lustful Europeans.

Gonzales understands that his blood has European greedy but he can deal with that and still survive. Destroyed by modern society. Gonzales describes how mainstream society some of his culture (economically) and him. Gonzales still has hope he can endure. Gonzales must fight to let the future know they lost the economic battle but still survived culturally.

He is so proud of himself of not getting caught up in mainstream society, he also has confidence that he can endure in a society that dosent like him because of his bloodlines.