Define love

It is true that love is compassionate concerning bonds formed between the dating and the married couple.

Love is a unique gift given by God to his people hence making the whole thing unique and clean. Many times people fail to recognize that love is a special present thus ending up misusing it.The fact that such people engage in abusing love does not mean that they gain positive results at the end.Instead, they end up looking for one another in the attempt to find a solution to the problems facing them.In this paper, I will be supporting the fact that for sure, love had no boundaries basing the argument on my personal experience to shed light on the subject.Admittedly, love has no boundaries.

My life has never been the same again after falling in love with a certain by the name Juliet. I remember I was in form three when I first saw Juliet being admittedly to the same school since it was a day school.I saw it as an opportunity to air my views concerning her because she moved my heart at first sight. Only because my timetable was a bit tight, I could not manage to make a daily approach to Juliet.

Luckily enough, my sister, Mary was in form two by then, and I saw it necessary to use her as the right instrument to reach Juliet. Thing went as expected and for sure mary agreed to take full responsibility and successfully connected me to her.It was a pleasant experience though not all people could withstand the situation.At one time during break time, I happened to meet Juliet so that we could speak about one or two things.

Besides, it was a right moment for me to propose to her since we had stayed for quite a long time without meeting physically.To make matter worse, Juliet decided to spill the beans and told me all she was going through.It is quite surprising to learn that people do have different problems but we are all equalized by the clothes we wear and the smiles we put on our daily basis.Juliet was transferred from a  boarding school to a day school just because she was asthmatic.

That thing dramatically came to me as a shock, and at first, I lost hope and thought of quitting the love affair that was yet to begin.She went on to narrate to me that her parents died the long time ago because of HIV/AIDS.The whole narrative was not that welcoming, and at some point I found myself crying just like a child not knowing what to do.It was quite hurting, and I felt like giving up.

I consulted my mother regarding the affair that was about to start between Juliet and me, and I can tell you the response was not good at all.She rebuked me and encouraged me to find another lover who was much healthy.My family members too followed suit and, I was left helpless.Fortunately, I gained courage and decided to break the chains of neglection and fell in love with Juliet.I thank God because since then, Juliet has never fallen sick.I realized that all she wanted was love.

In conclusion, love has no boundaries. Irrespective of the challenges partners find as they continue to water their passion, love prevails. Briefly, it is essential to cultivate love and let no one destroy it since it is a God-given gift.

What does love feel like

People consider love as an abstract feeling.  Globally, most people cannot define the feeling using words.

As such, people tend to figuratively express the feeling through actions.  The actions, therefore, present the feeling towards the people they love. However, some of the actions undertaken create or destroy the social, economic and physical boundaries between the people.Generally, it is in human nature to show affections towards people.

Love represents the affection between people. Since we live socially, the feelings grow as people interact. People have different origins, that is, there are people with a different skin color, age and other physical attributes. However, due to the basic concept that we are human beings, the feeling of love surmounts among us.

People have the capability to love other people from different backgrounds. Human beings create the boundaries among themselves due to their perceptions. The perception towards a different person is conceptual and results from the different cultures and beliefs. However, our instincts clearly define that we should overcome the conceptual boundaries. The instincts promote the feeling of appreciation and love to the other human being who does not belong to the conceptual boundary. Real life cases have shown that love overcomes some of the boundaries.

Currently, different people from different races express love publicly. Additionally, I experienced a scenario which two people with different economic statuses fell in love and married. In this case, the man was from a wealthy family while the lady came from a humble background. However, they fell in love, married and live happily. On the other hand, as human beings, life tends to mold people according to their habits.

In some cases, people love each other passionately but some actions that they undertake as an expression of their love conflicts with the normal life of the other person. For instance, in my case, one of my friends loved a lady in the neighborhood, therefore, to show his love for her, he undertook a challenge to jump off a cliff. As a result, he got hurt while jumping off the cliff. Notably, the action undertaken resulted in an injury.

This affected his health for a long period of time while depleting his economic resources. Moreover, the love between people should have personal boundaries that dictate the actions. Essentially, if there is exists no personal boundaries between the people, with time there may arise conflict due to the lack of respect. Each person should respect the personal boundary, such that the actions undertaken in terms of love may not result in the physical or emotional injury of the other person. Since the personal boundaries cannot be generalised, it is important for people in love to create the boundaries and respect them. Love is expressed through actions and words.

Therefore, two lovers show their love through the words and actions. The actions, however, create the boundary between the people. Love crosses the boundaries socially since it is a mutual feeling between people. However, love has a distinctive boundary, mostly determined by the physical and emotional status of the person.