Life... a four-letter word yet given with a pile of various meanings and values. It is an abstract idea that has brought into reality with every living thing. If we are to pause and sit back, thinking those days as we dwell on this earth, had it also occur to us how we live our life with? Have we ever realized how blessed we have been to get up each morning alive to face another day? Today, before we complain about what has life brought us, we should think first of those things which we may find less of value.

As frequently said, “Every great thing starts from the little ones,” so why not appreciate every little thing we got? Life is precious. People are priceless. We have got life likewise; we have got people whom we can cherish our life with. Perhaps, there were times when we felt like giving up; when we were so depressed about everything that was happening, and when we thought life has been cruel to us. But, what we did not think so is the reason behind of all the misfortunes we encounter. Challenges make us wiser, our sufferings make us tougher, and our yearnings make us stronger.

So, we should try not to worry if things did not turn out well the way we expect them to be. Each passing day is a treasure, a great sign that we are given another chance to live and eventually, to turn into a new leaf so we could be a better person with brighter future. These reasons are enough to make us realize the significance of life. So, when depressing thoughts seem to get us down, we should always be reminded with those beautiful things that will lift us up and be grateful with the gift of life.