Development and connection to multiple online /www database using jspIntroduction:There are many web based application running with only single database. It has some problems such as performance issues etc but we are going to implement the Our primarily purpose is to connect the multiple databases with the application to decrease the database terrific and make it efficient. On the other hand we will To Online Library Management systems that connect to multiple databases. When any user will come to access the application and do registration then its information will be saved only one database on the base of implemented business logic of the databases.

Library Management System will give you facility to search the online books on the base of different options, reserve the books in advance, user management and interactive report module. All the search information will come from different databases. Problem StatementThe problem with the existing system is that most of the online application is based single or centralized database. When multiple users comes and access the same application at the same time than the response time of the application goes slow due to huge amount of requests as long as database processing also go slow to process the all requests and application go stuck. Although all data stored in only single database and if the central database fails then whole application will not work.

Aim and objective:The main aim of this project is to build online application that integrate the more than one connection with the multiple databases as in result query processing time will also go faster because information will be saved in different or more than one database. There are many objectives which we’ll use after implementA· Remove the Database Centric Concept. A· Increase the Database performance and its speed. A· Minimize the database load. A· Improve the Processing power of each system Proposed methodologiesMethodology is processes that focus on what information is collected and how to analyze it.

In our Development and Connect multiple databases we will implement the RAD methodology.RAD stands for Rapid Application Development as long as product can be implemented rapidly with high quality.RAD produce the quick and dirty prototype application or software which satisfied the customer needs and requirements. In RAD the software developed in series of cycles which probably know time boxes. The main advantage of RAD is that customer gives the feedback on each completion of phase of software.

Without completion of previous phase the next phase cannot be started. Expected artefact / outcomes:The expected outcomes of development and connect multiple databases is that it provides the online Library Management System in which user can get registration and search the different kind of books on base of different parameter such as BookID, Author Name etc as long as confirm the booking of book in advance. By connecting the more than two databases with each other, system will execute the efficient, reliable and reduce the database terrific as well as database performance will be increased. Technologies for implementationJava:-Java is one of the most popular language that currently using for Software Development because its an open source features. There are many features provide by Java such as JVM(Java virtual Machine) is use to translate the Java program into machine language, JIT(Just in time complier) to compile all the methods of the coded program[1], exceptional handling and gives the rich support of JDBC API for communication with the Database. We will implement this project in Java.

So, all the methods, Classes, Interfaces, Data Types will be implemented in Java. In order to Java version we’ll implement it using Java 6 or latest version. Servlet:-Servlet is a Java class which use of Web based Application. This class is same like the Simple Java class but it has some extra features and interfaces that make it powerful. In server there are many features available like Session Handling, Request, Response, and Dispatcher etc [2].

All the requests of the clients handle on the servlet. JSP:-JSP stands for Java Server Pages and its server side programming language that provide the dynamic web pages feature. It’s known as a scripting language. it has built in JSTL( JSP Standard Tag Library) to do some actions and components such as scriptlet, expression.

In our project we’ll use JSP as a view and follow the MVC architecture. We will controller to control the terrific of the application, implement the Business logic in Business Layer and JSP as a view. Java ScriptJavaScript is an Object-oriented programming language and client side scripting. JavaScript code embedded in the HTML and run on the user’s web browser [4].Like Java, it also has Classes, method and data types but different is Java is run on Server side and JavaScript run on Client Side. You can also generate Dynamic html.

In our project we’ll use Java Script only for validation purpose. It’ll validate the data such as BookID, Date and address of the book. MySQL:-MYSQL is a relational database managements system that provides the multi databases access to all the users. It’s going popular day by day as well as it has no license fee. It has many powerful features such as stored procedures, locking and unlocking, views and triggers.

In our project we’ll use MYSQLl as a backend database to store all the data of Library Management System. There will be more than two databases used in our project to store, view, update and delete the existing data. Whenever user will send a search request then it’ll search the data to all the databases. Apache Tomcat Server:-Apache Tomcat Server is a web server that Java Servlet container. A Web server the listen the HTTP request which is sent by the user and return the response.

All the websites, application will be deployed under the Tomcat Server cond Structure. Tomcat is good because it supports both the Java Servlet and JSP pages. In our application we’ll use the latest release of Apache Tomcat 6.x. Design/Structural FormationHigh Level DesignIn Development and connecting multiple database application, when user send the searching request then application will search the data from those databases in which search data is saved and return the result from all databases.

Project Plan:Interim Project Report 1 week Requirement Analysis 1 week Design 4 days Implementation 3 week Poster Design 3 days Testing 1 week References:1. Effectiveness of Cross-Platform Optimizations for a Java Just-In-Time Compiler by Kazuaki Ishizaki, Mikio Takeuchi, Kiyokuni Kawachiya, Toshio Suganuma, Osamu Gohda, Tatsushi Inagaki, Akira Koseki, Kazunori Ogata, Motohiro Kawahito, Toshiaki Yasue, Takeshi Ogasawara, Tamiya Onodera, Hideaki Komatsu, and Toshio Nakatani Page[1] 2.

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