LEGT1710: Business and the Law Assignment 1 Semester 1, 2013 Word Limit: 1000 words Due Week 4 – to be handed in to your tutor in your Week 4 tutorial class (ie: the week commencing Monday 25 March 2013) Part One (10 marks) Reflecting on the lectures about the doctrine of precedent and how judges can make laws in the Australian legal system, and using Latimer’s Australian Business Law (CCH, 2013), explain how judicial decisions can change the law and what is meant by “the common law”.

Use case examples to illustrate your answer. (Suggest 700-800 words) Part Two (5 marks) Australia was originally governed from England. Imagine that the British Government passed an Act which stated that: “All land in New South Wales shall be held on leasehold title from the Crown. ” Would this be a valid Act if passed in: (1) 1795? (2) 1895? (3) 1995? (Suggest 200-300 words) Guidelines for Assignment 1: Your starting point will be to read the: • • week 1 and 2 lecture notes and tutorial materials. elevant chapters of Paul Latimer's Australian Business Law32nd edn, 2013. Students may also want to consider referring to: • other business law textbooks available through the UNSW Law Library; • online materials available on the UNSW Library database (such as journal articles, cases, commentaries etc). Students are asked NOT TO BOTHER THE LAW LIBRARIANS unnecessarily. Students should reference their answers appropriately - see Course Outline at Appendix A, pp 6-9. (NOTE: a bibliography is NOT required for this Assignment. )