To persuade my audience how United States can benefit from marijuana if it can be legalized Thesis: The legalization of marijuana would help get the economy going again. Despite great efforts by the federal government against marijuana i. INTRODUCTION A.

Is marijuana as bad as society makes it out to be? Since the 1930's marijuana has been illegal in the United States. That being said it's somehow America's number one cash crop.Users of the drug aren't the only ones who support cannabis; many of us who do not indulge are pro-legalization because we see that prohibition does more harm B. Tie to the audience: One of the people who may need medical cannabis could be you C.

Thesis and Preview: Today we do like to talk to the class about first, the need for United States to legalized Cannabis for medicated purpose, second, how it can save lives, and finally, how the people, government and the country as a whole can benefit from it. i. BODY A. Marijuana’s medical B.

The use of marijuana would open up the job market C. Reduction of crime D. Economic opportunity E. Government efforts to prevent its use.

Transition: I’m sure that you can see the need for the country like United States of America to legalized Marijuana. But you might be asking, well, how the country can be successful if marijuana become legal, let me tell you A. These are something’s that will make the cannabis legalization be successful * For 21 years and aboveA person cannot carry more than 2 pounds * It has shown success in some states and country (Holland) * Government monopolizing it (No more drug wars) Transition: I’m sure now the people in this class now some of the things that can make legal cannabis successful, but let me introduce the class to medicated purposes of Ganja as a Jamaican or African will call it B. Cannabis use for good medicated purpose * Healthy appetite * Healing nausea or headaches * Seed as hair food * Sleeping piles * Painkillers Transition: