Kidder's human resources department focuses on employment policies, training, payroll functions, and hiring processes. The purpose of this paper is to view the potential technology solutions and needed software that may add value to Judder Fine Foods and their human resources department.

Analysis of Judder Fine Food's As an Information technology director Came Is recommending Kathy Judder to up- date and Improve their human resources software systems. Resource Management Information Systems are necessary for analyzing employees information.Resource Management Information Systems usually provide the capability to much effective business plans, control costs, and improved the quality in HER decision making, and improving employee productivity (Dresser & Associates, 201 3, Para. 2).

Kidder's human resources and payroll functions are much important concerning employee hire dates and work hours. Kidder's uses Quick Books and outsource their payroll process to track hire dates and employees pay rates. Kidder's Potential Technology Solutions Came recommends possible software solutions that Include Visual Staff Scheduler, and Human Resources Data Manager.Human Resources Software Staff Files 8.

Lowell assist Judder Find Foods with employee's records, performance reviews, ND employee safeguard protection. The NOW Solutions product, [email protected], is a web- based Human Resources Management offers solution that integrates human resources, payroll, administrative capabilities as well as employee self-service. The NOW Solutions product also provides employee tracking information, such as salaries, benefits, absences, and performance reviews (NOW Solutions, 2010). Muckrake web-based resource management software is much needed for Kidder's.

Muckrake can automate much of Kidder's functions in their HER department and any parts of Kidder's organization (Muckrake, 2013). Vista Human resources Management Systems Includes recruiting, self-service, Family Medical Leave Act Administration (Vista HARMS, 2013). The Human Resources Management Software allows employees to review their pay roll history. HARMS delivers Information to recipients online at any time and place (HID System Technologies, 2013). The advantage of the Human Resources Staff Files 8. 0 software is the software is flexible and can track employee wages and benefits.

The present system used by Judder Fine Foods present system consists of the Retail Enterprise Management System (REMISS). Kidder's would benefit from the Human Resources Management System (HARMS) because the software system would enable Kidder's to maintain his or her employee records at his or her main headquarters. The use of an HARMS would also allow Kidder's to complete payroll and workers' compensation functions. Vista Human Resources Management Systems would help Kidder's communicate across border in a database. The Cons is no one software product is designed to handle every business need.

Centralization of Employee Records Kidder's human resources department employee assistant's keeps records and information about employee's complaints, grievances, and harassment issues. Much of the employee records are maintained in Kidder's individual stores. Kidder's human resources department has no centralization concerning their employee records. Much of the company's workers' compensation process is handled by vendors and their time sheets are done manually (Judder, 2012). Came recommends that Kidder's uses Bamboo web-based HER management system software to track and centralize employee's data.

Automation of Time Tracking Judder Fine Foods is responsible for tracking employees request for sick and other mime off hours, such as employee vacations. Time tracking tools help Kidder's to operates more productive in a highly automated environment with employee online connectivity. Kidder's Fine Foods must have time tracking and time sheet submittal software to track employee information. Timeshare Submittal Kidder's employees are presently filling out time sheets manually and the time sheets are faxed to Kidder's accounting department.Timeshare submittal software may be much helpful for Judder Find Foods because employee will have easy online access of logging in and completing time sheets.

This will help managers and employees improve their communications and missed connections concerning worked hours. Kidder's has no automated system for tracking vacation hours. Device Software products provides comprehensive features and tools so that Kidder's can accurately and efficiently track employee's information and manage his or her time. Mutant's web-based timeshare software will also help Kidder's track employee hours and payroll information.Tracking Applicants Judder uses Quick Books to keep track of their employee payroll process.

Keller also outsource and the outsourcing company has employee information, including tax information and pay rates. Employees can interact with a Kiosk Machine and manage his or her human resources information, and Kidder's managers can use Kiosk software to track applicants. Employee Self-Service Cookware offers a secure kiosk browser where employees can receive instant feedback and self-service. According to Cookware (2003-2013) "Internet Kiosk software converts computer into self-service kiosk.It prevents hacking and downtime, blocks the system keys like" (Para. 1).

Internet Technology monuments. Kidder's must make their systems information readily and available for each department. Enterprise Resource Planning and ERP software is much helpful to Kidder's because according to Wolf (2011) "enterprise resource planning, ERP is an organization's management system which uses a software application to incorporate all facets of the business, and facilitate the flow of data between , which may include human resources units" (Wolf, 2011, Para. 1).E-learning Kidder's employee must be concerned about the importance of his or her e-learning programs. According to Susann (2006) "Many industries have eagerly adopted to e- learning to computer-based training to improve their professional skills development" (Susann, 2006, Para.

20). Employees can brush up on their customer service training, safety training, and learning information about employee harassment, and government regulations. Conclusion Judder Find Foods is a virtual organization specializing in gourmet food products. Meats cheeses, pastries, wine, and seafood's.