Bastion, a 20-year veteran of the market research Industry, brings a wealth of experience to FAA. Most recently, she was with SGF where she held various senior executive marketing and client and business development roles, most recently as Head of Global Marketing Strategies. Prior to Joggling SGF, she was the Senior Vice President of US Custom Marketing and Development at TENS, a Kanata Group Company. "Kimberly has deep knowledge and experience in the business of consumer insights ND marketing," said Joe Marks, co-founder and technical lead of FAA.

The strengths of the rest of the team lie in technology and entertainment. Kimberly adds an important dimension to the company. " "I'm very excited to Join a company with a culture that aligns with my own personal values around people and doing what's best for the client," Ms. Bastion said. "l really believe In the strategic direction of FAA.

I'm very excited to lead their marketing strategies and business growth, and have fun while doing It!About upfront Analytics upfront Analytics (FAA) is pioneering a new approach to market research by mining specially designed mobile game play. FAA has created a mobile game platform, The Pry Manor, to continuously generate insights on consumer awareness, attitudes and behavior towards products and brands.