Act) for online piracy on the Internet.

This situation is connected to the copyright piracy as well. The issue in this essay is the common problem of published articles and links being copied and pasted from people off the internet and getting credit for another person's work. In this case I agree with the SOAP because copyright is not to be credited for those who don't do heir own work.To me, it is a guidance for help not coping. Coping someone's work is not helping the situation and takes the away the opportunity of the author to get credit.

One reason to my decision on agreeing Is the leading affect of progressive voices and outlets of skillful writers work is being taken Into someone else's work. According to the Politics website, the legislation would allow copyright holders and the Justice Department to seek court orders against websites associated with copyright infringement. To the legislative, they believe that the copyright holders chances of inning is not very high.They see coping as a threat to publishers and should be banned even if internet websites lose business.

A second reason that got me to agree was a statement made by Clay Shirks assistant in the book The McGraw-Hill Guide. " Many believe that copyright isn't coping if the creator doesn't lose profit because nothing physical isn't taken from them," - Clay Shirks assistant. This statement Is false reasoning because even If the authors profit Isn't lost, the fact that their hard work Is being copied by someone else doesn't make things alright.The publisher worked hard on the writing they published to the Internet and It shouldn't be taken advantage of. People need to realize that taking others work isn't a very clever idea because your only hurting yourself by taking other people's credit.

It's the same as someone taking a movie that a director worked hard to become public and then has to find out their credit was copied by another person and is being used or is being taken ownership by that person. Because of this problem many websites are losing their businesses for links and articles of authors are declining their work to be on the internet.For this I believe the SOAP is making the right decision and should proceed in protecting the internet uses. All In all copyright should have been prohibited a long time ago.

For those whose work Is being taken out of context and losing credit Isn't fair. SOAP and APIPA Industries should feel good about themselves for finally taking action and stopping internet copiers on the websites available to the people. The Politics Website The Nation Website The McGraw-Hill Guide book