>It demonstrates that business organizations of today must be sensitive to the nuances of global social culture so as to bring about quantum growth The idea of connecting this delicious, uneven pretzel in syrup to an organization's value chain with its several functioning layers is to make the company's culture sensitive to the desires of consumers. These management techniques and his views are not just creative, but grounded in reality. “Jalebi Management by Shombit Sengupta is an important landmark focusing on the need for businesses going global to innovate and adapt to local social issues.

Dimensions of Jalebi Management – oCustomer Sensitivity – The center of jalebi indicate the most important component without whom the business can’t survive. Customer is the King. According Mahatma Gandhi, customer is the important visitor of the organization’s surrounding. Businesses are dependent on customers and not the customers are dependent on the businesses. To be really consumer sensitive an organization needs to understand how consumers anywhere in the world indulge themselves by breaking into swear words.The indulgent language of the curse has different dimensions and layers depending on a person's mental stamina and social position oHuman Capital, Leadership ; Corporate Values – The next layer comprises of these three elements.

HR is the only live resource that the companies have. It should be treated as the part of capital in order to utilize their skills ; knowledge without exploitation to achieve the desired results. Effective leadership directs the efforts to right direction. The leader should be charismatic in his style to bring out the surprising results.Corporate Values help the companies to frame the code of conduct that have an important bearing in creating the image of the company in the minds of the consumers.

oPartner Management, Sales ; Services ; Corporate Promise - Partner relationship management (PRM) is a business strategy for improving communication between companies and their channel partners. Sales related activities and after sales services are very important to create the loyal customers. Sales management interfaces with the distribution channel and the outer public. Corporate promise involves assurance of dividend and capital appreciation to the shareholders.

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