Jaipur Rugs is one of the taking makers of hand-crafted rugs in India. We specialize in hand-knotted rugs and are known globally as a category leader.

The artistic beauty of designs, teasing colour combinations and the comfort feel of the texture are the ingredients of the Jaipur Rugs rugs. Over the old ages, we have continued to hone techniques and to transport frontward the rich heritage of designs into places and concerns around the Earth. Jaipur Rugs, the life vocal of 1000s of weavers and craftsmans, has been invariably making benchmarks for beauty and trade. Jaipur Rugs is on its manner to make admirations by associating the grassroots to the most elect and epicurean icons of the universe.


Jaipur Rugs is the consequence of difficult work and committedness of one adult male who converted his dream to deviate the abundant unutilized artistic custodies to lend in conveying India on the international platform. The history of the company traces back to 1978 when its laminitis, Mr. N. K. Chaudhary initiated his rug concern with merely two looms. Over clip, he moved to Gujrat.

In Gujrat, he expanded his concern operations in the tribal parts of the province. After passing 13 old ages at that place, he returned to Jaipur to establish his independent house called Jaipur Carpets in 1999. He asserts that it was a procedure of `` self-discovery '' .In 2006, Jaipur Carpets was converted into Jaipur Rugs Company Private Limited.

Since so, there has been no looking backwards. With a changeless focal point on bettering the techniques of rug weaving, we have been transporting the rich heritage frontward into places and concerns. Jaipur Rugs has learned about the market and schemes around the old ages of set uping itself in the sphere.In 2008-09, the Company achieved a turnover of over 14 million dollars and expects to accomplish a higher turnover in the following financial twelvemonth.

Through relentless attempts, unrelenting finding and committedness, the Company has grown to beome one of the taking makers and exporters of manus knotted carpets worldwide. We have besides established ourselves internationally by puting up the Jaipur Rugs Inc in Atlanta, USA. Jaipur Rugs Inc presently looks after the distribution of handmade carpets in the Americas. Jaipur Rugs has been in the procedure of transforming the life style of people around the Earth through higher criterions of creativeness and passion.


We look upon concern non simply as a beginning of income or net income, but as a manner of life, as a medium for seting our endowments to good usage, while at the same clip affording us an chance to be of service to the community. Net incomes will follow. Let us retrieve that net income is non merely a set of figures, but of values.


`` Service to the community '' is our slogan. Our company strives towards this focussed way to do the society grow manus in manus with our ain growing and prosperity. We guarantee that the demand of our clients is matched by the accomplishment of our weavers.

Production Areas in India

With over 40, 000 craftsmans and weavers being associated with Jaipur Rugs, we proudly undertake the duty of their societal and economic development. Jaipur Rugs has engaged them in the employment of rug weaving by put ining looms at a common Centre or merely in their courtyards. This has let stop migration of people from their small towns to metropoliss. Below are the 10 provinces that have over 22 subdivisions:RajasthanGujratUttar PradeshSikkimBharJharkhandWest BengalAssamNagalandOrissaThe artistic beauty of designs, teasing colour combinations and the comfort feel of the texture are the ingredients of the Jaipur Rugs rugs.

Over the old ages, we have continued to hone techniques and to transport frontward the rich heritage of designs into places and concerns in more than 30 states around Earth.

Departments in Jaipur Rugs Company

Jaipur Rugs ' assorted sections strengthen its anchor. Further is the description about each of import subdivision making its duties.Design & A ; Development DepartmentDesign and development section is where all ocular every bit good as inventive work is done which includes sketching, colouring of rug and new development with new originative and advanced thoughts. This section is besides an conceiver and developer of maps.

Maps are basic of existent rugs. Map work as a guideline for weavers in simple manner we can state that map is bluish print for woven rugs.Map Library is a aggregation of the maps in D & A ; D section where all the maps which are already made are been arranged in a really peculiar manner as design development is extremely time-demanding and effort-orientated.

Map library chief maps:

To keep stockTo look into handiness of the map

Print Section

Master Copy PrintMaster Copy CheckPrint ChallanPlotter Print Out ( MAP )Cuting And PostingDirection WritingDirection CheckingLaminationLadi Room ( Attaching Threads )100 % CheckingJob Card PrintCard / Map PassingMap And Its Card Pass

Design Section

SketchingColour transcriptMatchingProduction DepartmentProduction Department is a functional portion responsible for treating inputs like demands of new rugs to be produced, despatching the natural stuffs and to get the finished goods harmonizing to the predecided bringing day of the month.

These procedures are chiefly called Production Processes.Below are some points that could be easier to understand about the section. They do the undermentioned activities with different studies that are as follows:

Order Management study

Consumption study

Production study

RM Inventory study

Prodcution issue planning

RM issued to weavers

CR Inspection study

Pendency study

RM Positive Negative accommodations

Loom Inspection study

Daily study

Histories DepartmentHistories Department is the 1 that prepares Financial and Management Accounting Reports for the company. Fiscal Management Reports are prepared for external users like creditors, stockholders while Management Accounting Reports are prepared for internal users like direction, employee that is inside the organisation for taking needed action on it.The assorted maps of the section are as follows:

Finance & A ; Account

Monitoring twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours accountingDebtor MIS, categorization control over realisationCreditors Control with mention to payment programs, recognition periods, comparative chartsReconciliation of major providers ' historiesPreparations of quarterly Balance Sheet, P & A ; LCo-ordination for statutory auditAscertainment of working capital demand & A ; agreements thereonInventory Management & A ; stock ratingConducting Internal Audit & A ; their effects & A ; Compliance TaxationCorporate & A ; personal revenue enhancementAssessment proceeding of company/corporateTDS under assorted proviso of income revenue enhancement act 1961Filling of one-year return of income & A ; TDS returnAssurance of TDS CertificateAppraisal of IncomeCalculation & A ; sedimentation of Advance Income TaxPersonal revenue enhancement of employees

Service Tax

Preparation of Service Tax Payable, Refundable & A ; Exempted and file return

Value-added tax

Filing of return, one-year appraisalIssue of and entry of declaration signifiers under CST and VAT ActDay to twenty-four hours conformity with regulations, Act and presentmentAdministration DepartmentIt is for the Administration Department to organize and oversee safe, secure, and environmentally sound operations and care of these assets in a cost effectual mode.

These are aimed at long-run saving of the plus value, and other janitorial responsibilities such as doing certain the milieus are clean and tidy. They are sanitized for its renters. The satisfactory bringing of facility-related services to these people will be an of import consideration excessively ; hence, the term `` end-user satisfaction '' is frequently used as both a end and a step of public presentation.The assorted maps of the section are as follows:

Security Management

SecurityFire drills & A ; exigency emptyingLost and foundMovement direction

Environmental Health and Safety

House maintainingDrinking H2OFirst assistance

Mechanical & A ; Power System

CarePreventive carePredictive careElevator carePower systemsAMCERP DepartmentERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) is a package system that is used company-wide to run and form all the information, resources, and undertakings of a concern from shared information shops. This helps in back uping the complete concern procedure with an incorporate package substructure system.

ERP submits to a company 's image with its all parts connected in a wholesome mode instead than mini archives of activities.Jaipur Rugs ' ERP Department handles the important map of synchronizing the Supply Chain Management activities with ERP. The maps are as follows:

Managing ERP in the Company

Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. LtdJaipur Rugs IncBhoomika Wool

Identifying and supplying Solution for the Problems in ERP

Making the Masters and Setup in Navision

Pull offing and Monitoring the Sql Server

Supplying preparation to the End Users

Making Assorted Reports and Positions on Sql Server and Navision

Responsible for Techno up step

New Developments in Organization to be implemented in ERP

Execution of Business Intelligence tool in Organization

Managing the undertakings of JRINFOCOM

Pull offing and specifying the permissions of users in Navision

Creation of Management Dashboards

Technical customization for mapping the new alterations in the Physical system into ERP


Making the Organization Hi Tech utilizing assorted packages in all the Functional countries.

Show Organization 's KPI through assorted Analysis Reports and BI.Export DepartmentThe Export Department has the undermentioned functions and duties:

Invoice /Packing List/Shipping Instruction/ Related All Annexure

Electronic mail to Buyers after Shipment Dispatch/ after Custom Clearance Buyer, agent and USA Office

Electronic mail to Buyers after Shipment Payment Due to Buyer and Agent.

Delhi and Mumbai all Agents our Cargos Custom Clearance Follow Up

After Custom Clearance, Original Shipment Documents Follow-up

After Custom Clearance Org Docs Recd All Type Bank Documentation

Pending Outstanding Payment Follow Up Weekly To Director

Buying Agent Comm. Payment

Export Gross saless Register

Draw Back Correspondence Matter

ERP Software Entry Export / Invoice, Packing List, Shipping Instruction

Air /Sea Shipments Software Checking Packing List & A ; Other Work

Human Resource DepartmentAn up to day of the month Human Resource Department is dedicated to supply processs, efficient policies, and public-friendly support and counsel within companies. Additionally, the human resource map provides to do certain that the company vision, mission, steering values or rules, and the kineticss that keep the corporation directed toward advancement are maintained.The Human Resource Department has the undermentioned functions and duties:

Endowment Acquisition

HiringJoiningOn BoardingInitiation

Endowment Development

Performance AppraisalCareer PathReward & A ; RecognitionEmployee EngagementEmployee Relationss

Legal & A ; Statutory Conformities

Disciplinary ProcedureLabor Acts

HR Audits

Personal File AuditESS Survey

Endowment Management

HR SystemsInternet Marketing DepartmentInternet Marketing Department undertakes assorted web related activities, for case, Website Designing, Development, and Promotion, aiming the right audience straight or indirectly.

Functional countries of Internet Marketing are as below:

Development & A ; Maintenance of Websites

Artworks Planing

Contented Optimization

Online promotion and publicity

Online/Print newssheets, imperativeness releases, studies and other certification

Screening and analysis of the page rankings of the company 's web sites

Booklets, Leaflet design, postings

E-mail Selling

Developing and planing question signifiers for the clients

Data Management: Customer feedback and remarks

Pull offing other B2B portals

Internet Selling Tools:

Website Designing & A ; Development

Artworks Planing

Company News, Article, Comments, Video aggregation: Online/ Offline

Display Ad

Email Selling

Synergistic Ad

Social Media Optimization

Web Analytics

Search Engine Optimization / Marketing

B2B Portals

Content Development

ISO & A ; Systems DepartmentISO & A ; Systems Department takes attention of the successful execution and monitoring of the ISO guidelines provided by it. This is a majorly responsible unit in a cmpany smooth operation in regard of Quality Management. Quality Management involves spheres such as cost effectivity, higher productiveness, and net incomes, clearer traceability followed by client satisfaction. Detailed maps are given below in points:

Execution of ISO 9001:2008 through out the Supply Chain

Execution of ISO 14000:2004 in Head Office

Execution of SA 8000:2008 thought the Supply Chain

Execution of ISO 9001:2008 in Jaipur Rugs Foundation

Customer Compliance Audits

Identify Gaps throughout the concern procedures

Procedure survey for identified spreads and certification

Automation of identified spreads in ERP

Execution and maintain paysheet package and supply support

Lead QIP enterprise in coordination & A ; audience with squad members ( HO/ Branches )

The assorted Quality Audits are as follows:

Social Accountability - SA8001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

ISO 9001:2008

Customer Compliance Audits:

Quality Audit

Social Audit

CTPAT ( Security Audit )

IT DepartmentInformation Technology in Jaipur Rugs is recognized as supplying taking border engineering solutions, services, and high client satisfaction to all company components.Functional countries of Information Technology Department are as follows:

Deployment & A ; Maintenance of Servers and Computers

Deployment & A ; Maintenance of web equipments & A ; resources

Deployment & A ; Maintenance of package applications

Deployment & A ; Maintenance of pressmans, schemers, scanners and facsimiles

Data Management on Waiters

Taking day-to-day, hebdomadal and offside Backup

Functions and Duties are as follows:

The physical security of all web equipment and informations communications

The unity of all package running on anchor web equipment, including web control waiters, communicating waiters, Bridgess, and routers

Software and files security of department-specific information

Keeping the security and protection of information

Making every sensible attempt to construe protected information in an accurate and professional mode

Ensures handiness of information engineering systems and operations, including IT eventuality planning, to back up the Department 's diplomatic, consular, and direction operations

Reports straight to the CMD & A ; Directors on all affairs refering to IT security

We guarantee that user must non download, put in, or usage package on any section computing machine without anterior blessing from the IT

Jaipur Rugs FoundationThrough development and preparation of weavers, Jaipur Rugs Foundation is transforming small towns in India to develop greater efficiency, higher income and economic prosperity for weavers and their community. There are 2.

5 million rug craftsmans in India. Most of them live in rural countries gaining less than $ 2 per twenty-four hours. They are unorganised, work under hard conditions and are exploited by contractors.JRF 's vision: To favorably impact 100,000 craftsmans and 500,000 household members straight. This would do 3.0 million villagers benefit indirectly over the following five old ages.

Our attack in simpler points below:

Community Mobilization


Assured Work

Ensure Higher Income

Improved Quality of Life

Jaipur Rugs IncJaipur Rugs Inc ( JRI ) Back Office, as the name suggests, is the back office of Jaipur Rugs Inc. ( USA ) . It is the anchor of JRI, which provides the support, and backup to the US based employees & A ; clients.At JRI, we provide on clip, solutions to the front office in Atlanta, GA. We aim at supplying them the best with our work. We judge success as an on-going procedure of betterment.

Functions and Duties are as follows:

Transporting Procedure

Order Procedure

Purchase Procedure

Gross saless Procedure

Inventory Planing

Market Planing

Accounting Procedure

Customer Calling

MIS & A ; Reporting

ERP Implementation

REP Commission

Managing Online Customer Undertakings

Gross saless & A ; Marketing DepartmentSelling is the procedure by which we create client involvement in our rugs. By carry oning selling activities, we try to construct strong client relationships and make value for clients and for ourselves. Our doctrine is that accomplishing organisational ends depends on cognizing the demands and wants of mark markets and presenting the coveted satisfactions for this we have to expect the needs/wants of consumers and fulfill these more efficaciously than rivals.Sale is the pinnacle activity involved in the merchandising rug in return for money.

Marketing creates demand & A ; gross revenues fulfill the demand. However, selling and gross revenues differ greatly, but both have the same end as selling improves the merchandising environment and gross revenues work to carry through the ends of selling. At gross revenues, we guarantee proper coating, checking, labeling, and packaging of rugs for presenting client satisfaction.Functional Areas of Gross saless are below:

Existing Market Existing Customer

To manage client enquires.

Sample planning and order processing.

Scheduling and set uping for client / agents visits.

Updating salesroom stock/inventory.

Cargo planning.

Pre shipment despatch Procedure

Post shipment despatch Procedure

Coordination with export agents

Follow-up with the concern individual such as client, export agents, authorities

Functional Areas of Marketing are below:

Existing Market New Customer & A ; New Market New Customer

Scope of new selling

New market research.

New client questions managing.

Website direction in co-ordination with IM squad

Trade just engagement.

One to one client visit

Market visit ( Market Analysis )

Buying Agents visit

Selling Schemes

Business promotional programs

Showroom DepartmentThe Showroom Department coordinates with the jobs in the physical nature of a rug. The procedure of having the rug from the looms and so reexamining the rug and covering with the defects in it is taken attention of. The section besides looks after the show of the finished merchandise.Functional countries of the section are as below:

Rug Receiving

Completing procedure





Customer Inspection

Concluding Inspection


Store DepartmentJaipur Rugs ' Store Department provides effectual logistics support for transition of natural stuff to complete merchandise.The other chief maps are:

Facilitate Procurement & A ; Processing of Raw Material ( RM )

Planning, Coordination, Call ups to have Undyed Yarn from Bikaner PurchasePlan & A ; Arrange Logistics for Yarn DyeingPlan & A ; Arrange Logistics for SpoolingCollect Processed Yarn & A ; Store for farther Procedures

RM Storage

RM Forwarding & A ; Transportation to Production Locations

Receiving & A ; Storage of Dyed YarnPlaning Logisticss to treat production orders & A ; Coordination with Production CentersForwarding/ Transportation RM to Production CentersCollect FG from Production Centers and present the stuff to the Finishing Centre

Finished Goods ( FG ) Transportation to Finishing Centre

Stock control, Issue & A ; Grosss

Data Analysis & A ; Reporting for Operational Control & A ; Improvements

Organizational Hierarchy